A touch of Swedish expertise for Compact & Bale

COMPACT & BALE Ltd (C&B), one of the UK’s leading suppliers of intelligent compacting and baling machinery, recently agreed a new UK agency with FLEXUS BALASYSTEM AB from Sweden to sell and support their industrial baler wrappers in the UK.

Steve Burnett, C&B’s Chairman and founder, said: “I think this is a big opportunity for both C&B and for the UK waste industry. Flexus Bala machines are proven, battleship built, low OPEX and highly effective.”

Up to now, pretty much the only choice in the UK for baling and wrapping MSW/RDF/SRF has been a big, high powered channel or twin ram baler with a bale wrapping system fitted in-line from a separate manufacturer. However, with energy costs, wrap, wire, strap costs, labour costs, fuel and transport costs and infrastructure like building, steel and concrete costs having risen drastically in the last two years and only looking set to get more expensive, there is more reason than ever to look seriously at a Flexus Bala machine.

“Right now, I am interested in starting conversations with waste companies who are baling MSW/RDF/SRF/biomass and wondering how to handle their rising costs. Also, anyone considering doing so and those who may have been put off by the significant investment needed and unpredictable, spiralling costs.”

“I also want to get networking with the suppliers of MRFs and shredders and anyone involved in waste to energy plants, landfill management and biomass”.

Why choose Flexus Bala?

Flexus bales weigh up to 1,600kg
  • Fully computerised automated operation;
  • Use significantly less energy than a channel/twin ram + inline wrapper;
  • Installed within just eight hours, no civil works required – just steel plates under the feet;
  • No need for ‘hidden extra’ costs i.e. roller conveyors, supportive steel frames, expensive power supply/control panel rooms;
  • Flexus balers are mounted on two hook lift frames and can be made mobile for relocation purposes;
  • Needs a fraction of the space needed for a channel/twin ram + inline external wrapper;
  • Operates in or out doors 24/7/365;
  • Uses no metal wire/strap and less netting and wrap;
  • Produces up to 30-35 x 800-1600kg bales per hour;
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured to comfortably reach a 1 million bale / 20+ year life span;
  • Since 1995 happy end-users in hundreds of locations in 46 countries on five continents;
  • Have the lowest OPEX of any system.

For further information visit: https://www.compact-and-bale.com 
For an exploratory chat, drop Steve a message on steve@compactandbale.com or call C&B’s office on 01732 852244.

Main photo: Use Flexus machines in or outdoors.

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