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Kiverco appoints Paul Rothwell as Managing Director

KivercoThe Dungannon based waste processing specialists have appointed Paul Rothwell as their new managing director.
Founder and Directors Aidan and Anne McKiver are looking for Paul to work with them to develop and grow the business significantly.

Paul who has 30 years’ experience in management and leadership roles in a variety of competitive market led sectors in industrial manufacturing, food sector, retail, and service. Companies he worked for range from heavily structured and disciplined world-class PLC through to relatively small and informal local businesses.

When asked why he took on this challenge, Paul replied: “I was initially asked by Kiverco to give them an independent view of their plans for development and growth. In doing that I saw a successful company with a 20 year record of quality products and great customer service, but still full of ambition and with no sign of complacency.

As I got to know them better it was clear the ambition wasn’t just a pipe dream. It was supported by financial stability and matched by a well balanced team with the quality, experience, and attitudes to really make it happen. That’s a rare combination in my experience and it’s very, exciting when you do see it.”

Paul Rothwell joined the business in December and he has great plans for developing and growing market share, nationally and internationally. Paul said: “Our plant stands up in any global market, and I know that Kivercare – our aftercare offering – reflects the really impressive commitment to customer service. We are making major investment in innovation and capacities within the business to ensure we continue to lead for a long time to come.

We already have many customers and partners across Europe, Middle East, North America and in Australasia and the plan is to develop those further. By the end of next year, we want to increase our channel overseas by 20%, while further developing the strength of our brand in the UK. I am very excited about this opportunity and look forward to the challenges ahead.”