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April’s Skip Chick Darcie is Abba-solutely fabulous

April’s Skip Chick Darcie is Abba-solutely fabulous

FROM dolphins to Di Caprio, meet Skip Chick Darcie Gadalla, of KCM Waste Management.

Hi! Tell us about yourself.
I’m Darcie Gadalla, 24, and I work at KCM Waste Management as a Customer Service Advisor.

A fine place to work. Tell us more.
I’ve worked there for a year and half, answering phones, booking orders and helping customers with questions.

Sounds busy! What do you like about working there?
The staff: everyone treats you like family and the banter is great!

And anything that grinds your gears?
When the sandwich man doesn’t turn up at lunch time.

How dare he?! Tell us about your most unforgettable day at work.
It was my first day, and I’d found a stray dog on the street just before I set off, so I left it in my back garden and worried all day at work if the dog was alright.

Poor thing… and poor little dog too! Hope it all ended well. What about outside of work, what do you get up to?
Spending quality time with my family.

Quite right – family first. Tell us about the craziest thing you’ve done.
I jumped off the top of a boat. My partner proposed the day before, so I was wearing an engagement ring three sizes too big. Nearly had a Titanic necklace moment.

It could have ended up being a very brief engagement! Talking of romance, describe your ideal romantic night out.
A candlelit dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Well, that’s probably not what your partner was expecting! You may need superhero powers to sort this out – what would you like?
Time travel – I’d catch up on all the sleep I’ve lost since having a child.

Before you nod off, let’s hear your theme tune.
Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance.

Stun us with a fascinating fact about yourself.
I once nearly got killed by a dolphin. I went swimming with dolphins in Mexico and the dolphin got too excited, tried to hump me but nearly drowned me instead.

Crumbs, who knew dolphins could be so dangerous? What three little words sum you up best?
Patient, chill and bubbly.

We think you need a nice holiday, preferably somewhere without killer dolphins. Where would you like to go?
Greece, to live the Mamma Mia dream.

Sounds much safer. How about dinner – who would be your ideal dinner guest?
Ricky Gervais: I find him hilarious!

What – or who – at work is guaranteed to make you laugh?
Guaranteed there’s always a member of staff making us laugh; the conversations are nuts.

Ever met anyone famous? Who?
Joey Essex, Keith Lemon and Gaz from Geordie Shore.

Mingling with the stars is expensive – a Lottery win would help. What would you buy with your winnings?
A farm with a field full of alpacas.

Finally… makes us laugh.
Today at the bank, an old lady asked me to help check her balance. So I pushed her over.

On that note, we’ll let you get back to work. Thanks for being a fabulous Skip Chick.

KCM Waste Management is based in South Yorkshire. Find out more HERE

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