August Skip Chick Jill is definitelyon the ball…

SHE’S in the running to be Jack Grealish’s biggest fan as well as our Skip Chick of the Month. Welcome Jill Dodds of Increase Computers Ltd.

Hi! Please introduce yourself to Skip Hire Mag’s readers.
I’m Jill Dodds, I’m 36 and I work at Increase Computers Ltd in Gateshead.

Excellent. Tell us about the business – and what you do there.
We provide software for the recycling industry. I have worked here for just over four years and although my official title is Test Analyst, I also do some tech support, look after our social media, write documentation… pretty much anything that needs doing!

It’s all go! What do you enjoy about your job?
I love who I work with, we have such a laugh every day. It’s the best place I’ve ever worked – and they haven’t even paid me to say that.

You at least deserve a cuppa and a biscuit for being so nice about them. But… what don’t you like?
Having a Greggs opposite the office; it’s dangerous. Also, the ‘dad jokes’ are off the scale!

Grab a steak bake and an iced doughnut for us. Meanwhile, what do you get up to when you’re not in the office?
Refereeing my two kids, mostly! I also love crossfit and running, and am currently training for my third Great North Run.

Tells us about the craziest thing you’ve ever done.
I have just booked to go on holiday alone. I actually can’t wait but it’s making people nervous as I’m so accident prone and probably shouldn’t be left unattended for long… never mind in a foreign country!

We hope you have the best time ever! What superhero power would you love to have?
I would be able to fly super-fast. I’d travel the world using it, going to different places all the time but being able to get home in time for the school run. Five hours in the Maldives then whoosh, back to reality!

We bet you have some hidden talents too – tell us about them.
I can do a brilliant trumpet impression. Sometimes Phil (my boss) does backing-trumpet. We should really make a band. Oh, and I’ve got a blog on Instagram – ‘RunningMamUK’.

How about a little ‘get away from it all’? Where to?
The Maldives. I’ve always wanted to go! In one of those little huts where you can slide out your room straight into the sea.

Sounds blissful. We’ll be right along. But first, who would be your ideal dinner guest?
Jack Grealish. For obvious reasons. I mean, have you seen him? He’s actually perfect.

Well, if you pushed us on it, those calves are a bit odd. Anyway, ever met anyone famous? Who?
Ace and Gold from Gladiators! My Dad used to work for Del Monte and they were the sponsors of the show at the time. I spent a whole afternoon with them at the Metro Centre in Gateshead. I think it was in 1996.

Hope you shouted ‘Gladiators…Ready!’ at them. How about winning a fortune on the Lottery – what’s on the shopping list?
I’d love a huge, old house in the countryside. I’d fully renovate it but without modernising it too much. I’d have a chef, a McLaren and a big pond with loads of ducks. And LOADS of champagne in my giant wine cellar. Oh, and a life-sized model of Jack Grealish in my hallway.

Just in the hallway…? Finally, make us laugh.
I once went to the local video shop and asked if I could borrow Batman Forever. They said no, you’ll have to bring it back tomorrow.

Of course, a whole generation out there have no idea what a video shop is – but good try. Now all that remains is for us to say thanks for being a fantastic Skip Chick, Jill!

Increase Computers Ltd supply hardware, networks and support, and pioneered FRED – software for the recycling industry. To find out more click HERE.

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