Morrisons becomes first UK supermarket with recycling points for coffee pods

Morrisons has partnered with Podback, a coffee pod recycling service, to trial coffee pod recycling points in 29 stores, making it the first UK supermarket to do so.

The new drop-off service allows customers to easily recycle coffee pods by collecting their Podback recycling bags and depositing them in a dedicated bin located at the front of the store. The recycling bags can also be filled at home and be taken to one of 6,500 Yodel drop-off points around the UK with postage covered by Podback.

Customers need to use correctly colour-coded bags – one for aluminium pods and one for plastic pods – as pods are separated and sent to different recycling processing plants in the UK.

Podback transforms used aluminium and plastic coffee pods into new products while utilising the coffee grounds for biogas production and soil enhancement.

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