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September’s Skip Hunk: Callan Irvine of Circle Waste

September’s Skip Hunk: Callan Irvine of Circle Waste

ALL aboard the Skip Hire Magazine express for our trainspotting Skip Hunk, Callan Irvine, of Circle Waste.

Hi Callan! Let’s hear all about you.
I’m Callan Irvine, I’m 20 and I work at the best company in the world – Circle Waste! I’m a waste sales executive.

Excellent. How long have you worked there, and what do you do day to day?
I’ve been here since April. My day-to-day job is to take cash calls, give world-class customer service and sell to the general public.

So, let’s hear your best sales pitch – what do you love about working there?
I work with my three best mates so can’t ask for much more really! Good bonus scheme and an all-round cool vibe.

There must be a downside – ever had a weird day at work you’ll never forget?
One day I answered a call and a customer said: “Hello, I need a skip big enough to fit 12 children in”. Definitely was one of my stranger calls.

Kids can be pesky, but chucking them in a skip seems a bit extreme. What about when work ends – what are you up to?
I enjoy playing football on the weekends for my football team, but when they don’t have a game, I really enjoy trainspotting. It’s something that I have only just got into. Some find that weird but it’s starting to become a passion of mine.

Begbie, move over! Or do you mean the other kind of trainspotting? Never mind, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I went to Magaluf in 2018, had a little bit too much to drink, and ended up going to a tattoo parlour. I asked for no colour, with the outline of a minion – the tattoo artist decided it would be funny to colour in a minion, so I now have a big yellow minion on my backside.

Very cheeky! How about a little romance – sum up your ideal date night.
An ideal romantic night out for me would be a lodge getaway, a fire and a lovely meal. My ideal date would be Michelle Keegan (PS, I’m single…).

Ladies, form an orderly queue, Callan’s on the market. Let’s hear your theme tune.
My theme tune would be Escape (the pina colada song). Because who doesn’t like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain?

Prefer pina colada and the beach, but we’ll take anything right now. Tell us a fascinating fact about yourself.
I used to play for Cambridge United as a winger and captained their youth side for a number of years. Unfortunately I was released due to a horrible knee injury. Now well into the world of skips.

Ouch! Football’s loss is the skip world’s gain. Who in the world would be your ideal dinner guest?
I once saw Christopher Biggins at a pantomime and he was really making me laugh, so I would invite him. Another guest would be Kenny Miller, my favourite ever Rangers player.

What has got you through the misery of lockdown?
I kept myself busy by learning more hobbies. I taught myself how to juggle, handstand, and taught myself a tiny bit of French.

You never know when you’ll need to converse in French while juggling upside down. Ever met a superstar?
I once met John Terry at a petrol station, and I was lucky enough to meet Dolly Parton when I was in America; her songs help me whilst I’m working 9 to 5.

Finally, make us laugh!
I went to a seafood disco last night… pulled a mussel.

An oldie but a goodie. Time to get back to work, all that’s left is to say thank you for a being our Skip Hunk of the Month!

Circle Waste cover the UK and has more than 20 years of experience in the waste sector. www.circlewaste.co.uk

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