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August’s Skip Chick: Zoe Keddie of GreenStar Recycling

August’s Skip Chick: Zoe Keddie of GreenStar Recycling

SHE’S a star already – and set to fly even higher. Here’s our Skip Chick Zoe Keddie, of GreenStar Recycling in Edinburgh.

Hi Zoe; please introduce yourself.
I’m Zoe Keddie, I’m 31 and I am Business Development Director for GreenStar Recycling, Edinburgh.

Tell us more about working there.
I started getting involved in 2019 and joined officially in February 2020. I have varied days, although my favourite would be seeing my existing clients and gaining new ones. Nothing better then helping a business to reduce their trade waste costs and to help the planet too! I have recently passed my Class 2 so I can now drive the big trucks with the lads too.

Congratulations on the pass! What do you like about working there?
Nothing better than sitting having a catch up with our clients, making sure they are happy with the service we provide. Edinburgh is stunning too.

But the road system is a nightmare… Never mind, tell us about the weirdest day you’ve had at work?
I can’t think of a weird day. However, I have a terrible trait that I just can’t help but I laugh when someone falls over – as in, crying with laughter! I was out with a team member who slipped and a whole bag of food waste with contents resembling soup landed on top of him – I had to turn my back as I could not stop laughing. You probably had to be there!

What don’t you love about the job?
An over-filled food waste bin! Nothing worse: the smell, the fear of it splashing you!

And someone laughing as you wipe soup off your face wouldn’t be great either. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?
I love fun and thrills and pull various pranks daily. I constantly put on a musical show while shopping, I flew solo to Australia to surprise my bestie and gave her an epic hen do, and I dressed as a reindeer at Christmas time and “pulled” one of the trucks around Edinburgh City while handing out selection boxes.

Our idea of ‘crazy’ is having three custard creams instead of two. Right, let’s talk romance – what would be your ideal date?
Oh gosh! A romantic dinner in a superb restaurant overlooking a water course, then a stroll down the beach and watch the sunset set with a bottle of red!

The gods have decided you need a superpower – what do you fancy?
I would be able to heal people, physically and mentally, and fly because that just seems like it would be awesome!

And it shall be done! Perhaps. While we wait for that, let’s hear your theme tune.
Fireball by Pitbull.

Tell us a fascinating fact about yourself that will blow our socks off.
Last year I took a leap and applied for a BA Acting hons course at university and got offered a place. So, come September, I will be heading back to school to begin my journey to fulfil my dream of becoming an actress – and I will still be at GreenStar too!

Wow! We are very impressed – try to remember us when you’re famous. What three little words sum you up best?
Bold. Fun. Caring.

Holidays are coming (perhaps). Where would you love to go?
There are too many places I intend to visit – Thailand, Bali, Moscow, America to name a few.

Who would be your ideal fantasy dinner guest?
Ah, can I only choose one!?… Robin Williams – he seemed such a genuine, intelligent man with an amazing sense of humour.

We all need a laugh after a year of lockdowns. What’s got you through lockdown?
The knowing it won’t last forever!

Finally, make us laugh.
I’m worried about the calendar – its days are numbered!

What can we say other than you’ve been a brilliant Skip Chick? And good luck with the studies!

Greenstar Recycling is based in Edinburgh and provides a range of waste management services.


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