Home Skip Hunks August’s Skip Hunk: Mark Craig Mitchell from Eco Sustainable Solutions

August’s Skip Hunk: Mark Craig Mitchell from Eco Sustainable Solutions

August’s Skip Hunk: Mark Craig Mitchell from Eco Sustainable Solutions

HE’S a real knockout on the weighbridge. Our Skip Hunk Mark Craig Mitchell also works for Eco Sustainable Solutions in Dorset!

Greetings! Please introduce yourself.
I’m Mark Craig Mitchell and I am 32 years old.

Tell us more – where do you work and what do you do?
work at Eco Sustainable Solutions as the Weighbridge Operator. I’ve been at Eco a little over a year and loved every minute. A day for me is all about serving customers, weighing them in and out smoothly with a smile and go-get-‘em attitude.

We like your style. What do you like about working there?
100% the banter. The banter that some of the drivers and myself have is phenomenal. It’s nice to see a variety of people throughout the day and have a genuine conversation with them.

Good to hear. Anything about the job you don’t enjoy?
The worst part would definitely be when it’s quiet and I have to keep this dazzling personality to myself until someone turns up to have a laugh with. There is no chance of a bad day on my weighbridge!

Surprised folks can keep away from you! How do you spend your free time outside of work?
I love to box! I’m currently getting my coaching licence for it, definitely a good way to release all of the energy from the day.

As long as you stick to the boxing ring, we’ll all be fine. Let’s get romantic – who would be your ideal date?
Megan Fox.

We heard she was looking to get some waste weighed – keep your eyes peeled. What song really sums you up?

We can just picture you on the floor, cutting some YMCA shapes with Megan! We’d love to hear three little words from you – which ones sum you up best?
Bubbly, charming and pale.

Let’s sort out that pale skin with a lovely holiday. Where to?

That’ll do nicely. Before you go, how about dinner – who would be your ideal guest?
Mike Tyson.

Just keep your ears covered and you’ll be fine. It’s been a tough time recently, what’s got you through lockdown?
Boxing and the joys of working on the weighbridge.

Suppose it’s a bit different from banana bread and a boxed set. How does winning the Lottery sound? What would you spend your millions on?
I’d buy a boxing gym and pay off my parents’ mortgage.

We’ll keep your fingers crossed for you. Finally, leave us with a smile and your best joke.
I don’t know any appropriate jokes…

Boo! That’s the worst joke ever. Never mind, you’ve still been a knock-out Skip Hunk. www.thisiseco.co.uk

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