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Business growth: the Dynamix solution

Business growth: the Dynamix solution

THE waste industry has come under fire in recent years for being slow to adapt to technologies and some businesses have seriously suffered as a result of this. Founded by waste trade professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, Dynamix WMS is here to change the way that the industry operates for good.

The West Yorkshire-based company is rolling out its bespoke solution across all sectors within the waste trade industry and the results so far have been enough for dozens of waste businesses to sit up and take notice.

What is Dynamix WMS?
Dynamix WMS is a software solution that provides your business with valuable data which in turn will help to increase output, ensure compliance and streamline your entire business processes, from top to bottom.

Dynamix WMS provides you with a digital dashboard showing all the key data within your business. You have 24/7 access to critical business reports that run in real-time. The Dynamix WMS team will take care of setting the whole system up and getting your data up to date, making the transition across to the platform as stress-free as possible.

The team at Dynamix WMS are so confident that you’ll love the system, they offer a free consultation where they will show you the inner workings of the solution and show how it could provide valuable data for your business.

What inspired Dynamix WMS?
Dynamix WMS is an arm of Dynamix Consultancy who have gone from strength to strength in recent years. The Dynamix team highlighted the waste industry as a market that could seriously benefit by taking large amounts of data and transforming this information into something that is relevant. Everyone involved in these businesses benefits from accurate real-time information. Whether that is customers, suppliers, logistics, production, storage or maintenance departments. Dynamix WMS has proven solutions to help businesses grow and become more efficient. 

In the waste industry, there is a large appetite when it comes to improving efficiency and increasing profit. However, many waste companies don’t know where to start with implementing a system like this.  

Why Dynamix WMS?
There are a million and one software companies out there for businesses to use so why should your business use Dynamix WMS? The WMS stands for Waste Management Solution. The whole solution is built for the waste industry, so why use a one-size-fits-all software package when you can use a bespoke system which is perfect for a business in the waste industry? Here are a few examples of how Dynamix WMS can help you:

  • Waste Operators
    Dynamix WMS allows waste operators to manage their fleet with ease. You’ll get data on every aspect of your fleet; from how many litres of fuel each vehicle has used per week to the arrival times of your drivers on the road. You’ll be able to streamline your logistics operation, and this will allow you to see how your vehicles and drivers are performing. Customer service will improve too as you’ll be able to provide better arrival time estimates.

  • Waste Processors
    If you’re a waste processor, Dynamix WMS is a dream come true. You’ll receive real-time data on machinery output, and this will allow you to improve efficiency simply by using facts. Other great benefits are that you can plan maintenance scheduling like clockwork and ensure that you’re complying with health and safety regulations.

  • Waste Traders
    The need for compliance in the waste industry has been well publicised and is something that waste traders need to take seriously. One of the crowning jewels of Dynamix WMS is how easy it is to become fully compliant with the EA PRN scheme. You’ll have the ability to publish automated documentation and track commodity prices on your personalised dashboard.

  • Waste Brokers
    As a waste broker, customer service is crucial for business. Customer service is paramount and the data Dynamix WMS will provide will help increase reliability and efficiency to important customers. Real-time reports will help you keep on top of tracking, invoicing and auditing and this will allow your customer service levels to thrive.

    From speaking to Dynamix WMS Managing Director, Matthew Oldfield, you can see the passion and excitement shining through when he talks about the effect that Dynamix WMS is having on the industry. He said: “ We’re thrilled with the response we have had when showing our software to professionals in the waste industry. We truly believe that what we have developed can bring about real change in a sector that is always growing. We understand how the different waste sectors all operate and we have successfully combined our software alongside our industry knowledge and created a system which will benefit waste businesses across the board to a level where the sky is the limit.” 

  • What next?
    Dynamix has a team of expert business analysists waiting to help define the best way to make a business grow and by looking in detail at individual requirements, they can create systems that meet customer expectations on time and budget.