Home Skip Hunks June’s Skip Hunk: Fresh-faced new recruit Dan is JM Skip’s wild child

June’s Skip Hunk: Fresh-faced new recruit Dan is JM Skip’s wild child

June’s Skip Hunk: Fresh-faced new recruit Dan is JM Skip’s wild child

HE’S always on the go and he’ll even take a running jump for you. Meet this month’s Skip Hunk, adrenaline junkie, Dan Stansfield.

Well, well. Who do we have here?
I’m Daniel Stansfield and I’m 18.

And where do you work, young Dan?
JM Skip Hire & Waste Management. Our office is based in Bexhill and we have our own waste transfer and recycling facility in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

They’re lucky to have you. How long have you been there and what’s your job?
I’ve been here nearly two months and I’m really enjoying it. I work as part of the waste clearance team, visiting lots of commercial and domestic customers in the local area to give price estimates and completing waste clearance jobs for them. We’re really busy at the moment helping people who are moving or just moved in!

Busy is good – it makes the day go faster. What do you like about it?
I like the variety – no two days are the same and you just don’t know where the day will take you. The team I work with and everyone in the office are really nice, they’ve made me feel really welcome.

Sounds like a great gig. But there must be some bits you don’t like.

Early starts are hard. Sometimes it’s 5.30am if we have a large project or job to complete, but by lunchtime we’re finished which is great in the summer months. But it can get cold and wet working outdoors in the winter which isn’t always nice.

Those lunchtime finishes sound great! What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you at work?
We once found a mannequin dressed up as a fairy tale character in a skip. It’s really surprising what people throw away.

We know this, check out our Reader’s Hub – every day must be a journey into the unknown! Ever done anything completely crazy?
I’ve been skydiving and done two bungee jumps. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

Yikes! We prefer to keep our feet on the ground and our stomachs intact, but each to their own. Romance is in the air – who are you taking out and where?
I’d have a night in and cook a nice steak for Margot Robbie.

Lovely. Let’s hope she’s not vegan. What superpower would you love to have?
We had a bit of a debate in the office about this one – I’d love to be super strong so I can pick up the ‘laydees’!

Don’t think you’ll have any bother there, Dan. What song sums you up?
It definitely has to be My Old Man’s a Dustman. My father, Dan, owns the company – and is my boss!

Better be on your best behaviour then. What three little words sum you up best?
Sunny, funny and forgetful.

Talking of sun, where’s your favourite holiday spot?
My favourite location is Dubai for the scenery and weather – I’d also really like to visit Rome at some point too.

We love Italy – all that pasta and pizza! What’s your speciality dish?
I love a good steak with three or four different sauces.

Let’s make you king for the day – what law would you introduce?
For working days to finish at 12.30pm and for double pay.

Count us in for that one. Imagine winning millions on the Lottery. What would you buy?
I’d invest in business and spend the rest on cars.

Sensible and at the same time a bit crazy – we like your style. Now make us laugh with a joke.
My wages!

Ha ha! Better have a word with the old man then, Dan!

All that remains is for us to say thanks for the chat – and for being a great Skip Hunk!
JM Skip Hire is based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Find out more at www.jmskiphire.co.uk/