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June’s Skip Chicks: Country babes Rebecca & Anna are working 9 to 5

June’s Skip Chicks: Country babes Rebecca & Anna are working 9 to 5

WE love a bargain, and this month we’ve two Skip Chicks for the price of one. Keeping it in the family, meet Rebecca and Anna from Hartley’s Skip Hire.

Tell us a little about yourselves.
Rebecca: We’re Rebecca Hartley, 31, and Anna Hartley, 24. We’re auntie and niece.

Looking good girls! Where do you work?
Rebecca: We both work at our family company New Haden Metals, but everyone knows us as Hartley’s Skip Hire.

Tell us more!
Rebecca: I’ve worked here about 13 years. We both work in the office, taking skip orders, doing the scrap metal tickets and all the paperwork, and of course making the lads’ brews!
Anna: I’ve worked here since leaving university two years ago.

You’re far too busy to be making tea – tell the lads to make their own brew! Any hobbies that keep you busy outside of work?
Rebecca: I like to cook, travel, go to the gym and play netball.
Anna: I’m a bit of a country girl. I’ve just hatched our new ducklings which will keep me busy.

Get the oven on, Rebecca. We’re a bit partial to a nice bit of crispy duck. But first, ever done anything crazy?
Rebecca: Last year I did the long zipwire in Wales which was terrifying but exhilarating, I highly recommend doing it – it’s just like flying.
Anna: I’ve had my hair every colour of the rainbow – much to the dismay of my parents.

Zipwires sound hair-raising enough, thanks. Hey girls, your dream hunk is on the phone looking for a romantic night out – where are you off to?
Rebecca: A really good meal out with a large glass of red, with my ideal date, either Tom Hardy or Charlie Hunnam.
Anna: A KFC with Idris Alba wouldn’t go amiss.

Idris is just at the drive through now. While we’re waiting for the Mighty Bucket, tell us what superhero power you’d like to have.
Rebecca: I’d like magical powers: it would be so easy to get everything done.
Anna: I’d stop time so I can sleep even more but still have a full day grafting.

We’d stop time so we could sleep more and not graft! Tell us a fascinating fact about yourselves.
Rebecca: We are both big country fans – Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Luke Combs and so on. We went to Nashville and it was brilliant!
Anna: I won a baby competition and was held by Eric Pollard from Emmerdale – he was a judge.

We suspect being a baby competition judge is his most fascinating fact too. What three words sum you up best?
Rebecca: Caring, independent and stubborn.
Anna: Chunky yet funky.

Who would you both like to have over for dinner?
Rebecca: I’m a big film fan, so probably someone like Michael Caine or Al Pacino – they would have some amazing stories to tell.
Anna: Dolly Parton. She’s an icon – I often ask myself ‘What would Dolly do?’

Imagine you could rule the world – what law would you introduce?
Rebecca: Everyone has to have a day without their phone; we stare at screens way too much.
Anna: Mondays off work, because who really enjoys a Monday?

Sorry Rebecca, did you say something? Just checking the celebrity news on our phone. Ever met someone famous?
Anna: I met Lisa Riley outside our local panto.

Was she behind you, by any chance? Finally, make us lol.
Rebecca: My boss told me to have a good day. So I went home.
Anna: What’s red and would hurt your teeth? A brick.

Enough of this hilarity. Time to get back to work, ladies. But first, thanks to you both for being such fantastic Skip Chicks!
Hartley’s Skip Hire/New Haden Metals, Draycott Cross Road, Brookhouse Industrial Estate, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. www.hartleysskiphire.com