Home Skip Hunks May’s Skip Hunk: Tattooed travelbug David from Scott Bros. needs a winter warmer

May’s Skip Hunk: Tattooed travelbug David from Scott Bros. needs a winter warmer

May’s Skip Hunk: Tattooed travelbug David from Scott Bros. needs a winter warmer

IT’S all downhill for this month’s Skip Hunk. Hop in your helicopter and get ready to rub shoulders with David Scott Junior and his celebrity chums.

Who’s this handsome chap then? David Scott Junior and I’m 47 years old.

Go on then, tell us where you work.
I’m the Director of Recycling at the Scott Bros. group of companies based in Teesside.

Ooh! Director! We’re impressed. What do you love about the job?
I love working alongside my brother and the team we have around us. It’s very much a family business. A lot of our staff started out as apprentices and worked up through the ranks.

Sounds an ace place to work. Anything you’re less keen on?
Miserable, cold Teesside winters. We’re not far from the sea here so we get the harsh winter winds ripping us apart.

Brrr. Extra set of thermals for David! Anything weird happened at work?
We were excavating a site not far from our yard and we uncovered a load of Second World War shells. Full-on site meltdown. The bomb squad was called… That was quite a day!

Bet there wasn’t much work done that day. What about your time off: what do you get up to?
I’m a keen snowboarder in the winter; Canada is my favourite place on the planet. From day to day I’m straight from work and into the gym. I relax with my guitar at night. I love my custom Harley chopper too! It’s a thing of beauty.

Surprised you find time to go to work after all that lot! Ever done something a little bit crazy?
Heli-boarding in Whistler, Canada with my three best pals. What a rush that is!

We’re always off on the helicopter for a spot of weekend skiing in St Moritz too! It’s like our second home. What about a romantic night out – what do you fancy?
A Marvel movie and an Indian curry with my long-time girlfriend Sarah. That or a long dog walk towards a cosy pub for a few pints.

Be still our beating hearts! Speaking of Marvel superheroes, what comic book power would you love to have?
Healing factor – like my hero, Wolverine. I’ve actually called my dog Logan after that character.

We suppose it’s better than Fifi or Fido. Give us a tune that sums you up.
I could answer this all day long! My music collection defines me. However, Arcade Fire – Wake Up. Pure elation!

We bet the neighbours love hearing it on full blast too. What three little words sum you up best?
Eclectic, random, spontaneous.

Holiday time! Where are you heading?
Winter – anywhere in Canada. Summer – anywhere with mellow surf.

Better fill your boots before you go. What are you cooking?
Signature dish: chilli. My secret ingredients are chocolate, coffee and maple syrup. It’s amazing with homemade bread.

We’ll have to take your word for that. Say you could be king for a day, what law would you introduce?I’d make everybody ride a motorcycle as part of their driving test. That would give them all some awareness of bikers.

Sounds like a great idea. Ever met a celebrity?
Richard Branson and Bono in Val D’Isere in France. I never met them but they were having dinner on a table not far from mine. Pretty random at the time! I also met David Beckham once in Amsterdam. We discussed tattoos – nice bloke!

Talk about mingling with the stars. You need money for that though. And here come your Lottery winnings. What’s on the shopping list?
Travel, motorcycles, cars. I’d probably waste the rest!

We like your style. Now make us laugh with your best joke.
It’s WAY too dirty to print!

And it was all going so well there… Never mind, we’ve still enjoyed meeting you. Now hop on your snowboard and get back to work!

Scott Bros. group of companies is based in Teesside and is among the largest haulage, plant hire and recycling companies in the North East. Find out more at www.scottbros.com