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June’s Skip Hunk: Trevor Holmes of Pink Skips, Leeds



HE’S pretty in pink and has a heart of pure gold. Meet this month’s Skip Hunk, Trevor Holmes. Greetings Trevor. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 32, and I’m also the MD at Pink Skips in Leeds.

Oh! MD huh… we’re very impressed! How long have you been running the show, and how’s it going?

We set it up one year ago. I like everything about it. I like being out and about seeing and speaking to customers, and I get to spend a lot of time with my wife.

You old romantic you. Must be something that grinds your gears though…

Nagging customers with fake stories of why they need their skip moving ASAP. And break downs.

Sure a strapping lad like you can handle all that. Any weird stuff ever happened at work?

I fell in a skip once trying to move it.

Man v Skip, was only ever going to be one winner there chum. Righto, give yourself the day off – you’re the boss, after all. How are you spending it?

I’d spend time with my kids. And I like having long weekends away in places like Spain, Ibiza and Tenerife with my wife.

Fancy! Sounds like Pink Skips is doing okay then! What about when romance is in the air – what’s your ideal night out?

Going to a top restaurant for food and drinks with my wife. But if I was single, Nicole Scherzinger.

Keep that up and you might well be single sooner than you think… Now imagine you had superhero powers… what would they be?

I’d freeze time, so I could have fun with people.

Tempting as it is to ask what kind of fun, we’ll move on and instead ask what song would be your theme tune.

I like all Ed Sheeran’s music and UB40.

Sensing a smooth, mellow vibe here. Must be all those pink-coloured skips. What three words best sum you up?

Tall, dark and handsome.

Be still our beating hearts. If only you could tell a joke and make us laugh – you might well be our perfect man.

What do you call a fast duck? Quick quack!

And it was all going so well too… Never mind. Any fashion disasters (apart from those shorts and boots you’re wearing)?

I was at a car show once, when I bent down and my pants split.

Cheeky devil! Still, it pays to advertise, so they say. Despite the image of you flashing your bum, we’re feeling peckish now. So what’s your speciality in the kitchen?

All day breakfast.

Ah, the healthy option wins every time. What if you were King for a day, what law would you introduce?

More help for our ex-Forces personnel as they help us every day.

We salute you, young man. Now, ever met a celebrity?

I met Wayne Lineker at Ocean Beach Ibiza.

Ah, so that’ll be a ‘no’ then. Tell us… are you a social media type or social down the pub?

I like my phone and social media. But I like the pub with my mates.

Well that’s crystal clear then. Finally… imagine you’ve won the Lottery, how are you spending your winnings?

I’d buy all the skip firms in Leeds, and give all the customers a good price. So there’s no tit for tat – just good service and prices.

Well Trevor, fingers crossed your dream comes true.

Meanwhile, all that’s left is to say thanks for being a smashing Skip Hunk.