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WASTE’18 Review

WASTE’18 Review

Skip Hire & Waste Magazine’s fifth annual exhibition WASTE’18 was held at the Warwickshire Event Centre (WEC) on July 5.

The year-in-the-making event hosted over 50 exhibitions from across the waste recycling sector in the WEC.

The one-day event saw the likes of industry newcomers Zappshelter to showcase the company’s weather-proofing systems, which are taking the waste recycling sector by storm.

Dave Clarke, Business Development Manager at Zappshelter, said: “We supply a unique product which can be used as a temporary building; you can easily take it down and move it around on site to suit a company’s wide range of needs to increase productivity.”

Zappshelter’s Craig Michel (left) and Dave Clarke (right)

Another exhibitor providing a whole new service to the [admittedly] old-headed waste recycling sector was Stockton-on-Tees-based online specialists Web.com.

Web.com’s Emma Stainthorpe said: “Although we predominantly build websites for SME businesses, Web.com is currently specialising in pay-per-click advertising for social media.”

Web.com team
Team members of Web.com

NEXUS Vehicle Management Ltd exhibited at WASTE’18 on stand 11. The UK-leading tech-driven business mobility provider are arguably one of the pioneers for the development of vehicle rental innovation, while specialising in the efficiency and effectiveness of business mobility technology.

NEXUS’s Head of HGV, Nino Cavallino said: “What separates us from our competitors is we provide access to 500,000 wheeled assets up and down the country.”

NEXUS Vehicle Rental’s HGV Business Development Manager Glenn Murphy (left), and Head of HGV Nino Cavallino

Much like NEXUS, South Yorkshire-based Weighbridge Services are a company providing a service for all things vehicles, which also exhibited at WASTE’18.

Weighbridge Services’ Liam Buxton said: “I think for us, WASTE’18 provided us a chase to push our company’s service repairs and service hire.”

Weighbridge Services' Liam Buxton (left) and Lee Marsden (right)
Weighbridge Services’ Liam Buxton (left) and Lee Marsden (right)

Elite Digital Systems Ltd, which exhibited on stand 30, are a company with 26 years’ experience in the CCTV access control sector.

Based in Manchester, the company’s National Account Manager, Ian Duncanson, spoke about how Elite Digital Systems provide a trusted service, which alleviates security worries of waste recycling firms at a cost-effective price.

He said: “We’re nearly three decades established and have a dedicated CCTV designer team offering products with affordable leasing facilities.”

Elite Digital System's Ian Duncanson
Elite Digital System’s Ian Duncanson

Another company from Manchester which exhibited was family-run waste recycling experts Bodens Group.

Sales Manager Rosie Boden said: “Bodens have been producing animal bedding through wood recycling for years.

“But we now bring in the Grade-A wood, which is shredded and used for animal agriculture housing and biomass power stations, while before we just collected wood shavings from the sawmill.”

Bodens Group
Rosie Boden with Troy Tolhurst of Bodens Group

With waste-to-energy being a newly-introduced sector, WASTE’18 was exhibited by several biomass companies including industry leaders Ecotec Services on stand E.

Ecotec now provide a brand new RDF Incinerator System capable of disposing 18,000 tonnes of on-site RDF materials per year.

APPS UK, which are regular annual WASTE exhibitors, spoke about how the company is constantly developing the range of odour and dust products in order to expand into new and exciting markets.

Ken Kendall, Account Manager – Rail for APPS UK, said: “As part of our work with the rail industry, we’ve just launched a new piece of equipment known as the Trackside PIRA (Portable Independent Rotary Atomiser) at Rail Live 2018.”

VBG Group Sales Ltd, based in Warrington, supply a full range of EC standards-approved vehicle underrun systems and exhibited at WASTE’18 on stand 56.

UK Sales and Marketing Manager, Howard Ostle said: “We’ve utilised WASTE’18 to support our products and liaise with existing customers.

“These sorts of events are always good to provide customer support and make new business opportunities.”

VBG Group Sales Ltd's Ian Herbert (left) and Howard Ostle
VBG Group Sales Ltd’s Ian Herbert (left) and Howard Ostle

Doyle Machinery Limited deal across the UK & Ireland for industry-leading manufacturer ARJES and exhibited on stand 23.

Paul Kearns, Doyle Machinery Area Sales Manager, said: “At Doyle, we supply ARJES’ popular slow-speed shredders such as the VZ 750 and VZ 850. We’re even set to release the brand new universal shredding VZ 950, which is one of the biggest machine in the range.”

After a long-established partnership supplying magnetic equipment for manufacturer STEINERT GmbH to the UK, Magnetic Separations Ltd’s Technical Sales Manager, Gareth Bray said: “Exhibiting at WASTE’18 allows us to push STEINERT’s new mobile Eddy Current Separator for the wood market.

“The mobile Eddy Current comes fully equipped with a generator and provides industry-leading ferrous and non-ferrous recovery.

“Our other products from STEINERT include the Stainless Steel Separator with its N52 magnet, which we’ve been developing over the past 15 years and provides one of the strongest magnets on the market for stainless steel separation.”

Gareth Bray of Magnetic Separations, UK supplier for STEINERT GmbH
Gareth Bray of Magnetic Separations, UK supplier for STEINERT GmbH