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SKIP CHICK JULY 2017: Rutendo Manyundwa, Simply Waste Solutions


She’s got the hula moves and is forever young. Skip Chick Rutendo Manyundwa is 100% real woman. Hello lovely. What’s your name and age?

Rutendo Manyundwa, but I’m also known as Rudo – which means love in the Shona language. And I am 21 every year… never ask a lady her age!

And which fine establishment has the pleasure of your company every day?

I’ve been a Service Controller for Simply Waste Solutions for 18 months. How could they live without me?! 

Daresay the place would grind to a halt without that smile to brighten up the day. Best bit about the job?

The amazing team I work with, and my eye candy Tommy 😉

Rock on Tommy! And what bits could you live without?

The smell of the waste around the yard on a hot day can be rather fragrant…

What air freshener was made for. Best for a skip chick at work?

As I was walking in the yard one day, a bin was blown by the wind behind me and started rolling in my direction. I felt like the bin was following me with no one pushing it – I almost started sprinting away!

Beware haunted bins, they’re rubbish. Shift’s over, what do you do when work is finished?

I enjoy cooking, watching TV, having long walks with my son, and partying!

We love a party, but not so keen on the 4 day hangover. Time to roll back the years: what did you want to do when you were younger?

I always wanted to be a lawyer. I even did a year of the course at university, and decided on a career change. Well I couldn’t say I wanted to be a stripper, could I!?

There are worse jobs – politician for one. Now, imagine you could be an animal, which one?

I would be a dolphin. Not only are they cute, but they are very intelligent also.

Just like Flipper! Who could forget when Flipper defused an atomic bomb, negotiated an end to the Cold War, then caught a sardine between his teeth? Talking of TV drama, what’s your favourite programme?

Scandal – I enjoy all the political scandals and secrets. The tension and anxiety of guessing what’s going to happen…

Like being editor of Skip Hire Magazine, where every day is filled with the anxiety of guessing what’s going to happen. We need a holiday… where to?

Hawaii – would be lovely seeing the hula dancers (I would even join in!) and the beautiful scenery.

We love hula hoops, especially the salt and vinegar ones. What’s your favourite food?

Chicken, chicken, chicken, and chicken – I eat chicken almost every day! It has to be chicken on a bone.

Let’s hope your Skip Hunk isn’t a vegetarian. Who is he?

Wentworth Miller from Prison Break. He has beautiful eyes and always looks mysterious. Not forgetting my eye candy Tommy too!

And where are you two (or three – we’re open-minded here) off to? 

A rooftop bar with views overlooking the city, cocktails and great conversation….

What’s playing in the background?

Grown Woman by Beyonce. The song talks of inner strength, confidence and growth into a strong woman – this pretty much sums me up, because I’m an independent strong woman.

Right on sister! Now give us a fascinating fact.

My real name is Monica, and I have a 13 year old son – hard to believe as I don’t look old enough right?! And I was a basketball captain in high school for three years. And did I mention that I love chicken?

Yep we got the chicken message. Now leave us smiling with a joke.

What do you call a wobbly cow?! Milkshake!

Nice one.

Simply Waste Solutions, Flackwell Heath, High Wycombe.