Home Skip Hunks SKIP HUNK JULY 2017: Jason Fulford, C B Skips, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

SKIP HUNK JULY 2017: Jason Fulford, C B Skips, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

SKIP HUNK JULY 2017: Jason Fulford, C B Skips, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

The top is off, the muscles are out, and there’s cat food in his lunchbox. Put down the fake tan and meet this month’s Skip Hunk, Jason. Oh. I say! Someone’s been working out. Who do we have here?

Jason Fulford, aged 38

We’re guessing you didn’t get that fine physique sitting behind a desk all day. What’s your job?
I work at CB Skips, and have been here for just over six months. I work as a yard labourer and JCB driver.

Reckon we can guess what the girls on the payroll like about working there. What about you?
We have a great fun loving team here, so one day is never the same as the next. Also the fact that with the job I do, there is no need for a gym membership.

Every day’s a gym day then. And the bits you don’t love?
The rain – I can’t strip off, and top up my fake tan!

Nightmare when you can’t get your top off at work for a bit of sunbathing. Bet you have some laughs there though…
Mmmmm……that’s a hard one, as I work with a few pranksters. It’s nothing unusual to find a dead mouse in my boots, or have them filled up with shingle. I’ve even had cat food in my lunchbox!

What a laugh THAT must have been. Once you stopped vomiting, of course. Home beckons, what’s on the agenda?
Physical exercise (wink wink). Oh, and a trip to the sunbeds or a beauty treatment or two.

We’re sure we don’t know what you mean! Blush. Moving swiftly on… apart from showing off your manly physique, what did you want to do when you were young?
I actually trained as a plumber when I left school, but deep down I’ve always wanted to be a male model. It’s taken a while, but here I am now! So if there are any offers out there, let me know…

Before Vogue nips in to whisk you off, tell us what kind of animal would you be?
Orangutan – as I’m always jumping around.

And monkeying around by the sound of it. That body needs good fuel, what’s your favourite meal?
Chicken, Chicken, and more Chicken, or anything I haven’t had to cook myself (there’s a theme this month – you should meet Skip Chick!)

Can’t go wrong with a good tasty bird. Come to think… who’s your dream date?
I quite fancy Nicole Scherzinger, as she is extremely attractive and has a great personality from what I can see from watching X Factor.

Just so happens she’s free! Where are you two off to?
I’m a romantic at heart, so a good old fashioned date with all the trimmings.

As you both roar off into the distance in your JCB, what’s playing on the radio?
Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen.

Surely you’ll have some chicken kicking around, to sort that out? Finally, make us laugh with a joke.
I’m more a riddle man. What goes in dry and comes out wet, and the longer it’s in the stronger it gets? A teabag!

Phew, had us worried there Jason. And on that note, get your top on and back to work!

C B Skips, Salisbury, Wiltshire.