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Hunk Hugo from Kent Skips

Hunk Hugo from  Kent Skips

 He’s got muscles galore, but has this month’s Skip Hunk got all the answers? Say howdy to Hugo…

Looking good, Hugo. How many miles on your clock?

I’m 28.


We’re guessing you didn’t get that physique sitting down all day. What do you do?

Lorry Driver at Kent Skips

Hugo white jeans

Well it’s not doing you any harm. Best bit of the job?

The team I work with. There are some rum ole herberts!


They speak very highly of you too. What do you hate about the job?

I love everything about my job.


Pay rise for Hugo! Hard to tear yourself away from work, but what do you do in your spare time?

Going to the gym (check out my guns!) and supporting Norwich City FC.


Say ‘hi’ to Delia for us. Back in time now, as a child what was your dream job?

I wanted to be the man who put the dots in the digestive biscuits!


Didn’t we all? What kind of animal would you be, and why?

Bear – Hugo bear!

Hugo skip hunk 1

Well just wake me up before Hugo-go. Bet you’ve never heard that before, huh? So, what’s for dinner?



Tasty. Talking of tasty, who’s your dream date?

Jennifer Aniston. She is like fine wine, she gets better with age.


You flatterer, she’ll be eating out of your hand. Now where are you two love birds off to?

Top bar at Carrow Road (home of Norwich FC). I know how to treat the ladies!


And it started off so well… Never mind, you could win her back with a romantic ditty. What song best reflects your character?

The Angry Birds theme tune!


Bye-bye Jennifer. Last chance to win her back, tell us one fascinating fact about yourself.

I have a controversial pair of white skinny jeans!


How could a woman resist that physique stuffed into a pair of white skinny jeans?  Now win us over with a hilarious joke.

I don’t know any, but I’m the biggest joke going!


Well with patter like that, wherever Hugo, we will follow.

Thanks for being a top Skip Hunk.