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Chick Ellie from ADC Property Solutions in West Yorkshire

Chick Ellie from ADC Property Solutions in West Yorkshire


It’s August, when the weather is hot and our Skip Chick is even hotter. Let’s see what Ellie has to say for herself…


Do tell what age you are.

I’m 19.


Suddenly we’re feeling terribly old. And where do you work?

I’m accounting executive at ADC Property Solutions in West Yorkshire.


With your calculator-like mind you must love doing sums. What’s the best bit of the job?

I like ordering food, and bossing the lads around


*Checks last answer* *Definitely said accounting executive* Okay, what bits of the job do you hate?

End of the month, when the accounts have to be up to date. I’m a one-woman band, it’s difficult to get all the necessary information on time.


Sure there’ll be plenty offers of help. And when it’s done, how do you relax?

Drinking Mojitos, and listening to One Dance by Drake


Precisely how we at Skip Hire Mag Towers like to unwind. We know you love your job, but what did you REALLY want to do?

To be a fashion designer. I wanted to work in a pink fluffy office, with a load of sewing machines and pretty clothes.


High-vis jackets and hard hats ooze a style all of their own. Let’s imagine you’re an animal, which one?

A lion, because I like to class myself at the top of the food chain at ADC.


Quite right. TV time! What are you watching?

Love Island because I like to watch the exploit scenes, and Big Bang Theory as I think Sheldon is a bit weird.


Geeks need love too. Let’s go travelling, where to?

Bora Bora because I can swim with sharks.


That’s hungry work. Can we fix you a snack?

Domino’s Pizza


Every Skip Chick needs a Skip Hunk. Who’s yours?

Tom Hardy in a Hi-Vis vest, but theoretically my other half.


Nice of you to include your other half. Now off you go on a lovely date. Where to? 

Amsterdam, because there are no restrictions over there. Gauchos and down Red Light District.


Raunchy! Sounds like quite a night. Tell us one fascinating fact about yourself.Ellie-outside-with-ADC-Property-Solutions-Van low res

I can down a pint of beer in 3 seconds. And I’m really good at hiding away from guys who buy me a drink.


Drink that fast and they’ll find you passed out on the floor. Now can we have a quick joke please? 

It is so cold outside that I saw a politician with his own hands in his own pockets. Boom Boom.


Well Ellie, you’ve proved you really are hot stuff. Have a mojito on us. Cheers