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University of Salford’s annual recycling & waste show

The University of Salford has announced that their annual recycling and waste conference will take place this year in Manchester on October 31 on their own campus.

Branded as ‘The Recycling and Waste (RAW) Show 2016: Solutions for the public sector,’ it will take place at the University in partnership with its’ professional development department ONECPD.

The conference will provide exclusive insights from key industry decision makers and innovators on a variety of trade-related topics, including:

  • Domestic – The debate between the effectiveness of curbside sorting versus commingled change, how councils collect domestic waste, and why does this matter?
  • Commercial – To what extent are government targets effective in encouraging businesses to improve recycling levels, and manage waste responsibly?
  • Technology – How can the latest advancements in waste technology help to maximise waste recovery, and ensure the UK continues to meet EU targets?

We also have a two tier vetting process to ensure there will be senior decision makers in attendance from across central government departments and agencies, local authorities, universities, schools and the N.H.S.

The one day conference provides a real opportunity to engage with a senior buying audience with real purchasing power.

There are limited opportunities to sponsor, deliver a seminar, and exhibit. Enquires should be directly addressed to Stuart Thompson, 0161 295 2177 or via stuart@onecpd.co.uk