Home Skip Hunks Skip Hunk of the Year 2020: Grant Chaperlin from A.Brunton Waste

Skip Hunk of the Year 2020: Grant Chaperlin from A.Brunton Waste

Skip Hunk of the Year 2020: Grant Chaperlin from A.Brunton Waste

HE brightened up our summer when he was our Mr July; now Grant Chaperlin, 30, Business Development Manager at Yorkshire-based A. Brunton Waste, has scooped the title of Skip Hunk of the Year!

Congratulations Grant! We bet this was a ‘business development’ even you didn’t see coming. How does it feel to be Skip Hunk 2020?
Absolutely fantastic! The Skip Hunk of the Month for July was a complete shock, so to get the news that I am Skip Hunk of the Year was just brilliant. It definitely has made this year better for me.

And what a year it’s been. What’s been the toughest part of it for you?
Apart from not been able to get out meeting all our customers, it’s been not being able to visit friends and family. Luckily, I’ve been able to still go to work in the office and have my partner and kids around me.

Think we can all agree the past year has been rubbish. Any bright spots that lifted your spirits or made you smile?
This year me and my family bonded more with our neighbours. My partner is a kid’s entertainer, so we took advantage of her sound system and hosted bingo and quiz nights in the gardens for all of the street. Was a good laugh.

Round of applause to you both for helping to put a smile on faces. Let’s be positive and assume this virus is on the way out. What are you planning for 2021?
Like most people, I’m guessing, a holiday. A long two-week holiday, all inclusive.

We think we’re all going to need more than fortnight to recover from this mess. Looking back on the year, what word would you use to sum it up.

It’s been that for sure. But 2021 is within touching distance, so what would be your one big hope for the year ahead?
To finally get back to normality with the world. Don’t get me wrong, the pandemic has made us appreciate the small things, but to do things without scanning in everywhere, hand sanitising every two minutes, being able to get loo roll (crazy) and not worrying whether you’re going to be in a job tomorrow would ease not just mine, but a lot of people’s minds.

At least 2020 will go down as your year as our top Skip Hunk, so maybe the past year hasn’t been that bad after all. Enjoy being Skip Hunk of the Year!

A. Brunton Waste is at Prospect Street, Bridlington, Yorkshire. www.abruntonskiphire.co.uk