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Skip Chick of the Year 2020: Melanie Donald from EIS Waste

Skip Chick of the Year 2020: Melanie Donald from EIS Waste

SHE wowed us in May and now stunning Melanie Donald, 31, Hazardous Waste Co-odinator at EIS Waste Services Ltd in Aberdeen, is back. Let’s hear it for our Skip Chick of the Year!

Congratulations Mel! Tell us, how does it feel to be named our Skip Chick of the Year?
Absolutely fan-bloody-tastic! Even at 31, I’ve still got it! I thought it was a joke to begin with when I got the call.

It’s no joke – we’re happy to put a smile on your face during what’s been a pretty awful year for everyone. What’s been the hardest bit for you and what’s helped get you through it?
Probably the whole being alone most of the time and not being able to see my family. Weekends were long and for the first time ever I hated that. It was hard, but I was lucky enough to still be coming into the office during the week to work so that helped massively.

Who’d have thought we’d all miss going to work so much? Have any good things happened to you this year?
2020 hasn’t been all bad for me; lockdown was lifted slightly just before my birthday so I didn’t need to spend that alone and drunk on Zoom calls. Also, I sold my flat and bought a house! It’s not all doom and gloom for me, luckily.

Glad to hear it. Assuming we’re free of coronavirus soon, is there anything in particular that you’d like to do or see in 2021?
I’d like to do more holidaying for sure – see a bit more of the world, lie on a beach in the sun with a pina colada in hand. I am in dire need of some heat and a suntan!

Sounds like bliss – we might have to join you! Which word sums up 2020 for you?
Strange – only because I cannot use the word I’d like to use!

Finally, what would be your one big hope for the coming year?
Well dating has been off the cards this year really, hasn’t it?! So maybe, hopefully, one day I’ll find someone crazy enough to put up with me – and hopefully soon ‘cos I’m getting on. Oh, and of course for things to go back to some sort of normality.

We’re sure you won’t have too much trouble finding your perfect partner – especially now you’re our Skip Chick of the Year! Let’s hope it’s a fantastic 2021. Let’s be honest, it couldn’t be any worse than 2020… could it?

EIS Waste Services is based at Nigg in Aberdeen. Find out more at www.eiswaste.com