Home Skip Chicks September’s Skip Chick: Let hot wheels Becci take you for a spin

September’s Skip Chick: Let hot wheels Becci take you for a spin

September’s Skip Chick: Let hot wheels Becci take you for a spin

She’s a fast lady who’s got us in a spin. Meet our Skip Chick of the Month, Becci Smith of Training Matters Sussex Ltd.

Hi! Tell us a bit about yourself.
My full name is Rebecca Smith and I’m 37. I work at Training Matters Sussex Ltd, and I’m company director and trainer.

Ooh! Company director! We are very impressed. Tell us more.
I have been running my own business for about seven years delivering driver CPC training to mainly tipper drivers, skip drivers and HIAB drivers.

I write and deliver all my own courses in person and via on-line training. I absolutely love my job and go to work every day with a smile on my face.

My main aim at work is to try and change people’s opinion of training. I know most drivers don’t like doing CPC but with the right trainer you can have some fun and learn some new stuff as well!!!

Sounds like you’re in your happy place at work – why do you like it so much?
I love my job because of the people I meet. I learn something new every day that I go to work and get paid to have a laugh with loads of drivers. I have regular customers now so it’s like meeting up with old friends once a year.

With all those crazy drivers to sort out, every day must be a challenge. Tell us about your strangest day at work.
Once I took the wrong bag to work! I picked up my gym kit instead of my work bag so had to wear hot pants for the day. I have to say that I didn’t have to lift a finger at all.

Bet yours weren’t the only ‘hot pants’ that day, nudge nudge. How do you relax from all that stress?
I love going to the gym and try and work out five or six times a week. I also love spending time with my son and family.

Let’s get lovey-dovey on a romantic night out – where would you like to go?
Out for a meal and a nice glass of wine. I’m going to sound cheesy here but my hubby is my ideal date.

Sounds like you’ve already found your Superman. How about we give you some superpowers?
I would be invisible, so that I can see and hear what people really think about me.

Sure it would be all good. Let’s dance – what’s your ‘theme tune’.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper.

We’ll just pop on our leg warmers, dye our hair pink and be right over. But first, got any hidden talents to tell us about?
I used to be British champion in artistic rollerskating and competed all over Europe from the age of 12. I used to skate about 25 hours a week and loved it.

Wheely? Some of us can barely stand up in ordinary shoes, never mind ones with wheels! How about some dinner – with your perfect dinner guest, of course.
I’d invite David Beckham, he looks like a nice guy, easy on the eye and probably has loads of good stories to tell.

Ask nicely and he might even bring his goldenballs! He’s a bit of a football legend, but who is your hero?
My dad because he was a single parent and brought me up amazingly. He always worked hard and always does everything to the best of his ability.

He sounds like a really great dad. Ever met anyone famous? Who?
Sue Barker at a work conference (very boring).

That’s 40-Love to Rebecca right there! Poor Sue. Now before you whizz off, hit us with your best joke.
“How do you fit an elephant into a Safeway bag? You take the S out of the safe and the F out of the way.”

But surely there’s no ‘f’ in way… Ah, now we see what you did there! On that note, all that remains is for us to say a huge thank you for being a tremendous Skip Chick!

Find out about Training Matters Sussex at www.training-matters-sussex.com