Home Skip Hunks September’s Skip Hunk: Dancing diva Jack is a TikTok treat

September’s Skip Hunk: Dancing diva Jack is a TikTok treat

September’s Skip Hunk: Dancing diva Jack is a TikTok treat

HE’S a singing, dancing TikTok sensation whose videos with his Wolverhampton City Council binmen pals have had 15million views. This month’s Skip Hunk is Jack Johnson.

We feel we’re in the presence of a celebrity! Tell us about yourself.
I’m Jack Johnson, 37, and I work as a refuse collector for Wolverhampton City Council.
I’ve been there 11 years.

So what’s it like there then?
The camaraderie between the lads and lasses is brilliant. I just like going to work and doing a job I enjoy.

There must be something you don’t like…
Definitely the smell!

You and your two mates have become a TikTok sensation with your lockdown dances. Tell us how that came about.
We started it for a laugh during lockdown and we’ve had more than 15million views now. Our first video was of me and my workmates Henry Wright and Adrian Breakwell messing about to My Old Man’s a Dustman.

It got lots of attention and so we did some more, and it sky rocketed. Legoland has even included us in a mini land display which pays tribute to frontline workers.

We just wanted to do something to cheer people up and it’s been incredible!
Apart from fighting off all those fans, how do you spend your free time outside of work?
I go to the gym, play darts, visit family and, of course, I’m on TikTok!

You and the lads obviously have been blessed with the power to make millions smile, but what superpower would you love to have?
I’d love to have healing powers, so if someone is hurt, I could fix them.

Hearts are breaking all over the land right now. Let’s hear your theme tune.
Happy by Pharrell Williams because I’m always walking around with a huge smile on my face.

You’ve definitely got a talent for putting a smile on lots of faces these days. Any hidden talents you’ve not told us about?
I like to sing and I’m actually quite creative. We take a lot of time thinking up the videos and making them. People don’t think of binmen being creative types, but I am.

After all this excitement (and once we can actually travel again) where would you love to go on holiday?
Iceland. My nan was originally from Iceland and was one of the first people to come here to stay. I’ve never been but I’d love to go and see the Northern Lights.

Imagine being able to have anyone in the world around to dinner… who would you invite?
Both sets of my grandparents have now passed on and I’d love to have them back to speak to them and ask about their lives. I never met my Grandad Johnson but I’ve been told he was an amazing opera singer. I’d love to hear him sing.

Sure he’d be very proud of your performances. Who would you say is your hero?
Robert Plant (the former Led Zeppelin singer). He’s a huge Wolves fan like me. He’s had an incredible career and although he’s in his seventies now he is still entertaining and still singing.

You’re a TikTok celeb now, but have you ever met anyone famous?
I go to Comic Cons quite often and there are usually celebrities there. I met Christopher Lloyd, the actor who plays The Doc in the Back to the Future movies.

Hope you told him to avoid 2020. Finally, while your TikTok videos raise a smile, you must have a cracking joke for us.
I saw this guy flinging Scrabble letters all over the road. So I asked him ‘What’s the word on the street?’

Okay Jack, stick to making those videos. Seriously though, we’ve loved having you as our Skip Hunk – keep dancin’!

The Wolverhampton binmen’s videos have raised more than £2,000 for Compton Care hospice in Wolverhampton. See their antics on TikTok by following @jackjohnson0333, and The Dancing Binmen on Facebook and Instagram.