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August’s Skip Hunk Lee is a True Blue Boy

August’s Skip Hunk Lee is a True Blue Boy

HE’S the new boy at Fletchers Waste Management, but already Lee Jarman is bursting onto the scene as August’s Skip Hunk!

Hi Lee, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m Lee Jarman, I’m 34 and I work at Fletchers Waste Management in Sheffield. My job title is Supply Chain Manager.

How long have you worked there then?
I started four weeks ago! I’m responsible for looking after the supply chain and making sure we offer excellent service throughout the whole of the UK using our database of suppliers.

Sounds like you’ve memorised the job description! How’s it been so far?
The best thing so far is the fun atmosphere, mixed with the drive to succeed and the great team spirit.

Okay, calm down, you’ve got the job! Own up – anything struck you as kind of weird so far?
Every day is a weird day at Fletchers when you work with Sean, our Head of National Sales. What he lacks in height, he makes up for in banter.

Watch out – little ‘uns can have the biggest bite. What do you get up to outside of work?
I’m currently planning for a wedding in 2021, which takes up a lot of free time. (As does planning the stag do in Vegas!)

Sounds like it might get wild. Any other crazy times you’d like to tell us about?
I don’t think I’m too crazy. Unless it’s things I don’t remember after a few beers, but that’s for other people to tell!

We’ll wait a few weeks and ask Sean then. For now, let’s hear your stomping, adrenalin-raising, fistpumping theme tune.
My go-to karaoke tune is Elton John’s I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues. Does that count!?

Err, kind of hard to get pumped up to a ballad, but each to their own. What three words best sum you up?
Tall. Funny. Caring.

Aw, you big softy. Let’s send you off on holiday. Where to?
Vegas, baby!

Naturally! Let’s get you dinner first; who would you like to invite along?
Ricky Gervais for sure. Funniest man alive and I think we could be mates. He might think differently, of course.

Who would you say is your hero?
If we’re talking sport, it’d probably be Frank Lampard. I’m a big Chelsea fan and he’s a legend for me.

Let’s just wait until after a certain FA Cup Final. Talking of legends, ever met anyone famous?
I was once sitting close to the front at a Russell Brand show. He came into the crowd, made me stand up and then made fun of me for a good few minutes. That’s probably as close as I’ve come to meeting someone really famous.

He sounds a right charmer. Just wait until you win the Lottery, you can get your own back. What will you buy?
I’d probably buy a nice car, but it’d have to come with a driver so I could still have a drink. Other than that, it’d be lots and lots of plane tickets so I could travel and see the world.

Before you shoot off, make us laugh.
A piece of black tarmac walks into a bar and says: “I’ll fight anyone in here! Who wants a fight?” Nobody replies, so the piece of black tarmac sits down at the table.
Then, a piece of red tarmac walks into a bar and says: “I’ll fight anyone, anyone at all!” But the piece of black tarmac stays silent.
Later the barman asks him: “Why didn’t you say anything? I thought you wanted a fight?”
The piece of black tarmac replies: “I wouldn’t mess with him, he’s a cyclepath.”

Good one Lee. All that remains is to thank you for being a top notch Skip Hunk!

Fletchers Waste Management at www.fletcherswaste.co.uk