Home Skip Chicks August’s Skip Chick: Our super strong Vicky is ready to go toe-to-toe with the best of the boys

August’s Skip Chick: Our super strong Vicky is ready to go toe-to-toe with the best of the boys

August’s Skip Chick: Our super strong Vicky is ready to go toe-to-toe with the best of the boys

SHE’S a real-life Wonder Woman: look out for Skip Chick Vicky Langton behind the wheel at JCB Waste Management in London.

Hi! Tell us about yourself.
I’m Vicky Langton and I’m 36-years-old.

Which fine establishment has the pleasure of employing you?
I have two jobs! I work as a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator for three days, helping children and young people who have a learning need or barrier, and I work for JCB Waste Management as a driver and helper for another three days.

Busy girl! Tell us more about your JCB Waste Management job.
I’ve worked there for 11 years. We attend building sites, schools and properties to clear their unwanted goods and dispose of the waste in a large transfer centre.

Do you like it?
I like my first job because I enjoy making a difference in children’s lives. My other job is completely different. It’s more fun, I have a laugh and every day is different. It’s a chance to get stuck in, get messy and have lots of banter.

It’s funny when we arrive on a building site and they say: “You can’t lift that, this is a man’s job”, then are shocked at how much strength I actually have.

Bet that shuts them up! You must have had a few strange days at work then…
There are constant requests for me to go on the job rather than a male! I was once asked to pose on the 7th floor of a scaffolding tower.

Also, I once found £3,000 in a skip – I revamped the truck and brought loads of shoes.

Sounds like a great day at work! Any bits you don’t like?
Breaking my nails, getting dirty. When it’s hot and I have to load up the truck – I get proper sweaty and messy. Or when it’s raining I get soaked.

You seem to work all the time – what do you do on rare time off?
I aim to have fun weekends with my children who are 15 and 13 years old. We go on bike rides, to the pictures and shopping in London. I try to at least go out three times a month, to either a restaurant, a bar or club.

Are you Little Miss Sensible… or a crazy chick?
Whenever I go out with my mum I make a point of doing something crazy then film her reaction. In Tesco, I picked up a bottle of shaving foam and sprayed it all over her. Once we were at a market, I pulled a large packet of flour over her and she had to walk around looking like a ghost.

She must LOVE that. Which superpower would you love to have?
I would make traffic disappear. Most days I have to sit in an hour- long traffic until I reach home. It drives me mad!

Got a theme tune that gets you really pumped up?
Nicki Minaj Ft Drake Moment for life – I love that song!

Let us into a secret about yourself… tell all!
I completed my BA Hons Degree in Early Years Childcare and Education, I can do the splits and I am a proud vegan for 16 years.

Phew, we’re impressed. Ever met anyone famous?
I met the dance group from the X-factor called “Diversity”.

You’d be able to show them how to do the splits! Everyone dreams of a Lottery win – what would you buy?
A Range Rover, a new transit truck, a six-bedroom house with a heated swimming pool, treat my kids, family and friends and donate loads of money to a dog rescue home. I don’t want much, really!

Just need those numbers to come up. Finally – tell us a joke.
A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel on his pants, a peg leg and a parrot on his shoulder. The bartender says, “Hey, you’ve got a steering wheel on your pants.” The pirate says: “Arrr, I know. It’s driving me nuts!”

It’s (pirate) gold! Thanks for being a super Skip Chick!

JCB Waste Management at www. jcbskiphire.co.uk