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West Country wizard Maciey Hanas of Wellington Waste Management has other Skip Hunks quaking in their boots

West Country wizard Maciey Hanas of Wellington Waste Management has other Skip Hunks quaking in their boots

MACIEY – pronounced ‘Magic’ – Hanas, works his charms on us as our fabulous February Skip Hunk.

Hi! Who do we have here then?
I’m Maciey Hanas and I’m 46.

Tell us more… like where do you work?
At Wellington Waste Management in Wellington, Somerset. I’m one of the drivers.

How long have you been there?
A year. I deliver and collect skips all day. I really like the company: I’ve never had a better job!

There must be something you’d be happy to see the back of.
The boss, of course!

Think your workload for the week just trebled right there. Anything odd ever happen at work?
A client surprised me with a question: “Why does a 12ft long skip not have a drop door?” And my answer was “Who would be big enough to close it afterwards!?”

Fair point Maciey, hope they got your point! What happens when you’re not at work?
When I’m not cycling, running, riding a motorbike or visiting beautiful places with my family, my favourite way to spend free time is to do nothing.

We’d probably be in the local hospital being resuscitated after all that! Ever done anything a bit crazy?
I got married 27 years ago.

You must have been super young. Talking of love and marriage, what’s your idea of a romantic night out?
I’d go out with a bunch of friends for drinks and leave my wife at home to have some peace and quiet.

Can’t see that backfiring in any way at all… You might need superpowers to escape your wife’s fury. What would you like?
I would like to know the future. I’d know all the lottery numbers and become the world’s richest man.

Did we mention how much we admire you and would love to help you spend your fortune? Never mind… Which three words sum you up best?
I’m. Just. Perfect.

Now you’re pushing it a bit, mate! How about a holiday – where would you like to go?
Favourite place would be Morocco. The trip I dream about is to ride a motorcycle across Route 66.

Let’s eat! What is your best dish?
Steamed chicken, rice and vegetables. No taste at all!

Hmm, think we’ll pass, thanks. Anyone else you’d like to invite to dinner?
A very famous guitarist, Steve Vai. He could play some music while I eat.

Let’s put you in charge – what new rule would you introduce?
Six-hour working days!

Apart from the Skip Hire & Waste Magazine team, of course, have you ever met a celebrity?
Every morning in my bathroom when I see myself in the mirror! Never known a better celebrity.

Surprised you can tear yourself away from the mirror. Tell us what you’d do if you won the Lottery.
I’d buy Wellington Waste Management and become the boss!

Okay, your boss has probably just quadrupled your workload. Finally, give us a joke.
A couple were having a romantic dinner. He said: “Tell me something that will make my heart beat faster.”
She said: “Your wife is coming…”

Thanks for answering our questions Maciey – you’ve been a ‘magic’ Skip Hunk!

Wellington Waste Management Ltd, Somerset. www.wellingtonwaste.co.uk

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