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February Skip Chicks: Music-mad mates Samantha and Emma are the beating heart of Coventry skip firm

February Skip Chicks: Music-mad mates Samantha and Emma are the beating heart of Coventry skip firm

HERE’S a real new year’s bargain as Budget Skips brings us two skip chicks for the price of one: meet Samantha Kennell and Emma Jones.

Hi girls! Tell us a bit about yourselves.
S: I’m Samantha Kennell, 31, and work at Budget Skips as managing director. I’ve been there 14 years and do a variety of tasks from taking orders to hiring and firing staff.
E: I’m Emma Jones, 30 and I’m social media and digital marketer. I run all the social media, create campaigns, write blogs and keep our online presence alive.

What do you both like about your jobs?
S: I get to be my own boss. I don’t like people telling me what to do.
E: I love how close everyone is; it’s like a little family. The wages are a bonus!

We bet there have been a few odd things happen at work…
S: I once told a customer: ‘Love you, bye!’ Awkward!

What do you both get up to in your free time?
S: Free time… is it such a thing? I play netball for two different clubs, and weekends are always booked up with some kind of social event.
E: Travelling is a major hobby; I’m a huge lover of music and take pictures for bands.

Ever done anything a little bit crazy?
S: I did a sky dive back in 2012 and was nominated by my staff to do a bungee jump. They are lucky though as it was for a good cause!
E: I did a 160ft bungee jump in October for Free Radio’s Cash for Kids too. And jumped on stage and did a dance with Anteros – not just me, I’m not that crazy!

You girls must be in high demand. What would be your most romantic night out?
S: Romance? That’s not my style. Give me a dancefloor and loud music and I would be in my element.
E: Those outdoor cinemas with bean bags look so cute! My ideal date would be Matty Healy from The 1975. I’d make him sing to me all night.

What superpowers would you both love to have?
S: I’d love to be able to snap my fingers and be at my next destination. I’m always late so that would be perfect!
E: I would be invisible. I’d sneak on planes – it would make travelling easier.

Tell us a fascinating fact about yourselves.
S: I travelled part of the world in 38 days… me, my boyfriend, one suitcase, 13 flights, eight countries, eight currencies… a lifetime of memories!
E: I can play ‘Moves Like Jagger’ on the drums. I’ve also got a few celebrity followers on Twitter.

What do you both like to cook?
S: BBQ chicken, aka hunter’s chicken – That’s my go-to when I have visitors.
E: I make a mean chilli con carne.

If you could invite anyone who’s ever lived to dinner, who would it be?
S: David Beckham, so I could stare at him in real life instead of a magazine.
E: John Lennon. I think he’s amazing. I grew up listening to his songs and watching his interviews. He was hilarious.

Ever met a celebrity?
S: Boyz II Men – Backstage VIP passes after concerts with my sisters. Joe Cole the footballer – got a cheeky picture when I attended an event at Coventry City F.C.
E: I bumped into the lead singer of my favourite band, Tom Ogden of Blossoms, outside my local cinema.

Now tell us a joke.
S: Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, but no atmosphere!
E: What do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals? Phillipe Phillope.

Thanks girls, you’ve been a great double helping of Skip Chick fun.

Budget Skips, Coventry. www.budgetskipscoventry.co.uk

Photo: Emma (left) and Samantha (right)