Home Skip Hunks Skip Hunk of the Year 2019: Chris Hamblin from Shorts Group Ltd

Skip Hunk of the Year 2019: Chris Hamblin from Shorts Group Ltd

Skip Hunk of the Year 2019: Chris Hamblin from Shorts Group Ltd

WE fell head over heels for his manly physique and gentle, self-deprecating nature back in August. Here’s our Skip Hunk of the Year, Chris Hamblin, transport coordinator at Shorts Group.

Whoo hoo Chris! How happy are you to be our Skip Hunk of the Year?
I must admit, I’m a bit surprised! If I picked up a magazine with a hunk in it and saw me, I’d want a refund.

Now, now Chris, enough of that. Maybe it just hasn’t sunk in yet – it is pretty huge, after all.
The phone call to say I’d won was certainly better than most calls I get on a Monday morning. Really did not see it coming.

Can’t guarantee we can do this every Monday, but happy to have made your day. You were our August Skip Hunk: how did that go down?
I was mocked a bit by a few of the guys at work. It was all just banter though and they were really supportive. Plus, I’ve got the last laugh.

You certainly have! Apart from the fame and fortune of being a Skip Hunk, any other good bits?
Being Skip Hunk of the Month was really good for the business. It was good to get the company name out there and let people know that we’re here.

Bet the customers will be kicking down the door now. What’s been the reaction from them?
I’ve had a few saying they didn’t expect me to look like I do. I’m not entirely sure how to take that.

They are obviously bowled over by your dazzling smile. Last thing, 2019 was obviously the best year ever, but what would you like to happen in 2020?
Aside from retaining my sexy hunk status, it would be for Reading FC to defy all odds and get promoted to the Premier League.

Skip Hunk of the Year we can do, miracles are a bit harder.

All that remains is for us to say enjoy your reign as our Skip Hunk 2019 – and keep on smiling!

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