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Skip Chick of the Year 2019: Abbie Hunter from M60 Skip Hire

Skip Chick of the Year 2019: Abbie Hunter from M60 Skip Hire

IN October, she blew us away with her looks and personality. Here’s our Skip Chick of the Year 2019 – Abbie Hunter, business development manager at Bury-based M60 Skip Hire!

Congratulations Abbie. How does it feel to be the nation’s Skip Chick for 2019?
I’m genuinely buzzing! It’s the best thing ever.

Well winning EuroMillions might top it, but we’re glad you’re happy.
I can’t believe it. Just being Skip Chick of the Month was fantastic: my gran cut out the page and stuck it to her fridge!

Well, she’s going to need a bigger fridge. There was tough competition; all our 2019 Skip Chicks have been fantastic. What was it like being our October Skip Chick?
My friends all thought it was the funniest thing, which hugely offended me because I thought I was being deadly serious.

Nothing more serious than our Skip Chick page! How did it go down at work?
Everyone thought it was brilliant. I sit them down all the time and make them look at it. I put a link on my LinkedIn page and it went mental. I got something like 1,000 connections. I even got a job offer, but I like being where I am!

And the best bit?
It’s such a good laugh and it’s difficult to get many of those when you’re working all day with rubbish.

What would you say to anyone considering applying to be a Skip Chick?
Do it! It’s fun, you get a laugh and it’s a really good way to get the business known. The reaction has been amazing.

Finally, it’s going to be hard to top being Skip Chick of the Year, but what’s your biggest hope for 2020?
It’s a bit weird, but my husband has been very poorly and had his large intestine removed. He’s finally going to get everything plugged back in properly next year – so what we’re really looking forward to is him having a good, normal poo!

We’re all rooting for him – and don’t forget to give him a copy of Skip Hire & Waste Magazine to read while he’s on the loo.

Thanks again for being a simply super Skip Chick of the Year!

M60 Skip Hire covers Bury, Manchester and Greater Manchester. Find them at www.m60skiphire.co.uk