Home Skip Chicks August’s Skip Chick: Early bird Amelia brings the southern sunshine

August’s Skip Chick: Early bird Amelia brings the southern sunshine

August’s Skip Chick: Early bird Amelia brings the southern sunshine

SHE’S simply the best, with a knack for rustling up an Italian feast and a whizz on the golf course. Say ‘ciao bella’ to Skip Chick Amelia Hickey.

Hi Amelia! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 22 and I work at East Kent Recycling where I’m an Accounts Assistant.

Tell us more – how long have you worked there?
Nearly three years! My main role is invoicing, statements, taking calls – and making the tea of course! We are a good team we all help each other.

Milk no sugar and just a couple of Gypsy Creams for us, thanks. What do you love about the job?
The people I work with; always making me laugh! I started as an apprentice so to gain qualifications is great too. But I have definitely made friends for life – especially Jamil!

We love Jamil. Such a character! Err… who’s Jamil again? Never mind; any bits you don’t really like much?
The lorries make my car so dirty. And the 5am start when I work on a Saturday.

No rest for the wicked, as they say. Talking of wicked…

When I first joined, the drivers rang me to ask the transport manager to order nets for the enclosed skips. I was very embarrassed – everyone was laughing!

Ever done anything that was just a bit nuts?
Years ago, I did a sky-dive in Turkey. That was a crazy experience. I really want to do it again, but for charity this time.

We prefer sitting on the beach in Turkey, personally, but each to their own. What about a romantic night out?
A nice meal and a few drinks sounds good to me. It would definitely be with Channing Tatum because well he is gorgeous and has been my man crush for years!

Just looking up his number now for you. Meanwhile, turn up the music – what tune is your song?
I’d say Tina Turner’s Simply the Best!

It’s a belter. Any hidden talents that you’d like to tell us about?
I used to be part of a majorette and cheerleading team and competed for about five years. I have also been playing golf since I was nine.

We bet you’re never stuck for a caddy. The holidays are coming – where are you off to?
My favourite destination is Greece as the weather was lovely and so were the people. I would really love to go to the Maldives.

Let’s eat first. What is your speciality dish?
I’ll be honest, I don’t really cook. I do need to start though. I’m good at spaghetti bolognaise, and homemade pizza as well!

Eat your heart out Gino D’Acampo! And who do you wish could dine with you?
It would definitely be my grandad who passed when I was five. So to be able to have dinner and a few whiskeys – his favourite – would be lovely.

We bet he’d be bursting with pride to see you now. Meanwhile, ever met anyone famous?
Jason Derulo! I went to see him perform but me and my friends ended up speaking to him. He is lovely.

We need a laugh. Got a good joke?
What do you call a monkey next to a bomb? Baboom!

Well, we’re not monkeying around when we say you’ve been a fabulous Skip Chick – thanks Amelia!

East Kent Recycling is at Aylesham Industrial Estate, Canterbury, Kent. Go to www.eastkentrecycling.co.uk