Home Skip Hunks August’s Skip Hunk: Extra time with footie-mad Christopher from Shorts Group

August’s Skip Hunk: Extra time with footie-mad Christopher from Shorts Group

August’s Skip Hunk: Extra time with footie-mad Christopher from Shorts Group

HE’S our romantic hero who’s deeply in love – with Reading FC. Let’s hear it for this month’s Skip Hunk, Christopher Hamblin.

Hi Christopher. Let’s kick off with the basics – tell us about you and your job.
I’m 26 and I work at Shorts Group Ltd as Transport Coordinator. I’ve been there for a year and a half. I support my drivers and help with customer queries.

Sounds busy. What do you like about going to work?
Having a laugh with some great people, in and out of the office. Being able to work by myself and with plenty of support from a great manager!

Steady Christopher, anyone would think you’re trying to get a pay rise! Go on, what don’t you like?
Customer complaints – AND girls telling me daily how much of a hunk I am! I’m not just a piece of meat…

It must be tough being so irresistible. We struggle with it every day. Tell us the strangest thing you’ve experienced.
Being nominated for this; I seem to put the ‘Hunk’ in Chunk!

All we see is hunk, hunk and more hunk! Let’s forget work – tell us how you spend your spare time.
Walking my pug Bruno, going to watch Reading FC home and away (someone has to) – the usual stuff.

Come on, let’s do something exciting! Bungee jumping maybe?
No, I’m a real wimp when it comes to adrenaline junkie sort of activities. I prefer my feet firmly on the ground.

Apart from the ability to make Reading a better team, what superpower would you like to have?
Flight. I could travel anywhere in the world, whenever I wanted.

Let’s get the music going – what’s your theme tune?
Tinie Tempah, Pass Out – it gets me pumped!

Stun us now with a fascinating fact.
I have three tattoos; one of them is the Reading FC badge.

Of course! We wouldn’t have expected anything less. Got three little words to sum you up?
Curvy, hunky, sarcastic.

Pack your Reading top, you’re off on holiday. Where to?
Spain, as it is easy, cheap and sunny. Ideally, I would love to go to Rio De Janeiro or quite a few places in America.

Grub’s up. What are you having?
Scrambled egg on toast – unbeatable.

Some may well suggest otherwise, but each to their own. And who would you like to dine with you?
George Best, Paul Gascoigne or Sir Alex Ferguson.

You’re our new king! What’s your first law?
Cheaper fuel, higher speed limits, no speed bumps or small entry islands in the road.

We said one law, Christopher, and you rewrite the Highway Code! Any celebrity acquaintances?

Quite a lot of good football players: a lot of celebrities when the Madejski Stadium hosted legends matches years ago.

Great news! You’ve won the lottery. What’s on the shopping list?
A big detached house with gates, a few cars, home and away season ticket every year, and a holiday home for me and the missus in Santorini.

Our fingers are crossed for you. Finally… joke time!
Have you heard the joke about construction? Don’t worry, I am still working on it.

Did someone say work? Back to it, Christopher, and thanks for being a jolly fine Skip Hunk!

Shorts Group Ltd is based at London Road, Bracknell. Find out more at www.shorts-group.co.uk