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‘Paid for itself in months’: HSM ProfiPack coverts cardboard waste into packaging


MOTORNUTS Limited, a leading UK retailer of accessories, recently took purchase of a HSM ProfiPack packaging system in order to recycle and reuse their existing cardboard waste.

The ProfiPack is available for every sector, including the waste recycling industry as well, but is mainly used in logistic departments.

The new product has made cardboard just as effective in protecting the items and could be rolled to create void filling, thus eliminating movement of the items during transits.
HSM_ProfiPack_P425 (2)
Managing Director of MotorNuts, Simon Mallord said: “The HSM ProfiPack has been a great purchase – we’ve saved money and boosted our green credentials.

“Previously, we spent £70 per month on cardboard collection services as well as buying extra packing materials such as bubble wrap.

“The machine paid for itself within months and will doing so for years to come.”

The HSM ProfiPack packaging machines, coverts cardboard into high-quality packaging and filling material – in an economical and ecologically friendly way.

With no added costs of packaging to their business, MotorNuts were originally recommended by an approved HSM dealer about the benefits of using the HSM ProfiPack 425 stand-alone device.
The HSM ProfiPack C400 and P425 packaging machines form used cardboard to create padded packaging material for universal use is a sensible and practical contribution to environmental protection. The already existing models have been completely overhauled with regard to function and external design and now offer impressive new features.

Cutting and padding are done in a single step – no time-consuming pre-cutting of the cardboard is required. The measurement scale on the device allows easy, infinitely variable adjustment of the working width.

How does the C400 and P425 synergise?

The HSM ProfiPack C400 is a compact table-top device with a non-slip base; the HSM ProfiPack P425 is a floor-mounted device with castors and a parking brake. Both models can be used flexibly thanks to the 230 Volt connection. The cushioning volume can be adjusted as required. The finished packaging padding can be used for the perfect protection of the most diverse objects: as a padding mat, a padding wrap or for filling hollows.

Users benefit in two respects from the cardboard perforators: they no longer need to purchase packaging material and disposal costs are reduced.