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End-of-life bins should be netting you a ‘wheelie’ good rebate

Susan Staff

By Susan Staff, Commercial Manager at Aylesbury Granulation Services Limited

WE’RE all too aware on the volatility of rebates on commodity materials, and this is not likely to change.

As I type the bottom has all but completely fallen out of the market for PP sacks.

Mixed Weee rebates used to be around £70 per tonne and are now about £10, while cardboard and paper figures increase and fall like the weather too.

But there are some rigid plastics that seem to weather the storm better. Now this is not to say that prices do not drop occasionally, but there’s a fairly constant demand and price for certain grades of plastic.
Wheelie (3)
So let’s talk about your easiest win… Wheelie bins!

Wheelie bins are considered a grade all by themselves in the world of rigid plastic recycling, and as such should command a premium when you’re getting a rebate.

But let’s be clear – you need to put in a bit of work in order to get the best return (not really earth-shattering news, of course!). Wheelie bins needs to be clean; not crystal clean, but they need to be empty and rinsed out.

They also need to have their metal removed – so this includes the axles, the lifting pins, as well as any hinges and screws.

But when you have lots of stacks of lovely gleaming broken bins, if you are not receiving a rebate of £200+ per metric-tonne (delivered in), then with all due respect, you may not be taking to the right people!

So what else is good for rebating?

Quite simply, segregated clean plastics should get you a good price.

So, buckets are often available from your local food processor – get them to give them a good swill out in the factory, get any metal handles removed (although most food buckets have plastic handles) and then you are good to go.

As a skip company you probably get lots of utility pipe. There are a range of pipe types and some are more valuable than others. Look for the marking PE80 or PE100 for the best rebate.

Crates are also good for generating a rebate – but you must be sure to keep plastic types separate.

All crates should be marked with their recycling code, either “2” for HDPE, or “5” for PP and make sure that they do not have nylon handles.

Mushroom crate is a grade by itself, because it is a lower quality, but it is still worth a rebate.

If you need any more help, then feel free to drop me an email at: susan@agsrecycling.co.uk