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Leeds Recycling Company Forges Ahead With Pay-By-Weight

Leeds Recycling Company Forges Ahead With Pay-By-Weight

LEEDS-based waste management company, Forge Recycling, has doubled the size of its fleet and increased revenue by 40% since introducing a new Pay-By-Weight service.

Forge has installed dynamic bin-weighing from VWS to its vehicles and uses PurGo waste management software from VWS Software Solutions to provide an integrated Pay-By-Weight service to its customers. Around 85% of the bins collected and emptied and now weighed.

Harvey Mills, Director and Co-Founder of Forge Recycling: “It means that we can now identify heavy bins and charge for any excess weight collected, which is additional revenue that was previously being missed.  However, this isn’t just an increased revenue exercise. The data enables us to be proactive in helping our customers to streamline the management of their waste.”

As well as providing a more dynamic, accurate and efficient service, the new software has enabled the company to identify new revenue streams and manage costly customers more effectively.

Harvey Mills, Forge Recycling: “We have introduced a new food waste and glass collection service, which means our customers can reduce the weight of their bins and improve their recycling rates.”

PurGo has been designed for waste management & recycling operators and materials processing facilities, to streamline processes, and standardise procedures, monitoring and reporting across all departments. The software and interface are highly automated, intuitive and friendly, and integrate seamlessly with other business systems and software packages.

Entirely paperless operation

Since introducing PurGo Forge Recycling has become an entirely paperless operation, using in-cab PDAs for scheduling, route optimisation, exception reporting, live vehicle location and activity reporting.

Harvey Mills, Forge Recycling: “Very quickly we went from paper route sheets to using PDAs. Everyone really embraced the new system and our drivers now use the PDAs to do their daily vehicle walk around checks, record pick-ups and drop-offs. They can also report any issues immediately. Removing the need for worksheets and paper-trails has definitely saved man hours.”

Andy Mirecki, VWS Software Solutions: “PurGo offers a huge number of reports, which can be tailored to each customer’s requirements enabling them to monitor specific aspects of their operations and service delivery. The software allows you to monitor the profitability and efficiency of individual rounds or even individual trucks. The dashboard is easy to understand and provides all the important information at a glance e.g. collections that are behind schedule, ahead of schedule or complete; or how many failed lifts.

“Forge Recycling are a great company to work with. They are enthusiastic and keen to find better ways of doing things. Technology plays a key role and as early adopters they were one of our first customers.”

Harvey Mills, Forge Recycling: “I’m in no doubt that introducing PurGo has had a major influence on the business and that our rate of growth is in part due to the improvements we have made since using the system. Issue reporting is far slicker now. We have live data so we know exactly where each and every vehicle is and what is happening. We can report a missed collection to a customer within minutes and they love that.” 

For further information about VWS products or service including PurGo Tel: 0118 946 1900 or email: sales@vwsltd.co.uk or visit www.vwsltd.co.uk and www.vwssoftware.com