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Get your skates on, there’s no monkey business with this month’s Skip Chick, delightful Denise Malley. Hello lovely lady, tell us which company has the thrill of seeing your smile every day?

I’ve worked at East Coast Waste Ltd, for nine years.

Nearly into double figures! You must like it there…

Sounds corny but I actually love working with everyone here. And I am lucky enough to have a job that fits around the children.

Nothing corny about that, sounds like you’ve got it made. Any bits you can’t stand?

I could live without the stress that this job can bring. Remember the customer is always right!!

Yes, except when they’re wrong and really need a naughty word or two – but we won’t dwell on that. So with such nice people to work with, they’ve probably got your back whatever happens…

I once fell up the stairs here and the only one to help was Alfie the dog. Everyone else was too busy laughing.

Outrageous. They should be ashamed. Bet on days like that you’re glad to get home. What happens there? 

I get home, get in my PJs knowing I don’t have to leave again until the following day… Oh and I have a glass
of rosé.

True confession, there are many days when we don’t actually bother getting out of our PJs.  Anyway, roll back the years, what did you REALLY want to do?

I always wanted to be a nurse, or in the caring business.

Aw, so you’re gentle, caring, and considerate… seems like we’re total opposites! Anyway, if you were an animal, what kind?

Gorilla, gentle and not one to be riled. A good parent that you’d provoke at your peril.

We do enjoy a bit of monkey business now and again. Film night… what are you watching?

I am liking Fast and Furious. But my all-time favourite since I was little is Grease.

A true classic. Summer Lovin’ is our favourite! Speaking of which… dream holiday destination? 

One holiday with the children and hubby somewhere sunny and fun. Next just with my hubby, we’ll be celebrating 25 years of marriage next year and planning somewhere special. Ideas greatly received.

We’ll get thinking. But better fill up first. What’s on the menu? 

I love spending the night with the girls, enjoying a nice carvery somewhere.

Ditch the girls… and tell us who is your Skip Hunk?

I’m lucky as I am married to a skip driver, so he’s my Skip Hunk. If not him, it would be Dwayne Johnson.

The Rock is on our top list too. Apparently he has an amazing memory. Handy, as we usually can’t remember what we had for dinner last night. Where are you two off to on your dream date?

Dancing with Dwayne, but as that won’t happen it would have to be a weekend away with the hubby.

A girl can dream… Top song that sums you up?

I have so many songs in my head right now I don’t think I could pick just one.

Don’t know that one, is it by Taylor Swift? Title’s not very catchy, is it? Fascinating fact time, blow our minds!

I can still skate – just.

Now leave us with a smile… can we have a joke?

I see, said the blind man, peeing into the wind. It’s all coming back to me now.

Time for us to get our skates on and scoot off. Thanks to Denise for being a tip top Skip Chick!

East Coast Waste Ltd, Great Yarmouth