Home Skip Hunks Seb Little, Business Manager at Egbert Taylor Group, is our Skip Hunk of the Year for 2016

Seb Little, Business Manager at Egbert Taylor Group, is our Skip Hunk of the Year for 2016

Seb Little, Business Manager at Egbert Taylor Group, is our Skip Hunk of the Year for 2016

Forget Santa, there’s only one bloke you want to find hanging around your Christmas stocking this year. That’s right, it’s our Skip Hunk of the Year, Seb Little!

Originally Skip Hunk back in March, Seb, 23, is area business manager at Egbert Taylor Group and a die-hard Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter – which means winning a prestigious title is a bit of a novelty.


Greetings Seb. Christmas has come early with the Skip Hunk of the Year title to hang on your tree. Congratulations!  Apart from telling everyone you meet you’re our top Skip Hunk, how will you spend the season?

Relaxing at home drinking, and eating too much – definitely!

Snap! Just what we were planning too. What makes an ideal Christmas – at home with the family, or as far away as possible?

White Christmas at home, ideally.

What do you love most about Christmas – the presents, time with family, or perhaps that warm glow that comes with peace and harmony to all mankind?

I love a pig in blanket

santa 5

Certainly easier to achieve than world peace, or a virgin birth. What don’t you like about Christmas?

100% – the shopping.

But isn’t that why they invented the internet? Anyway, best Christmas ever?

I remember one year when I was very young receiving a signed poster off one of my football heroes Steve Bull, which simply read “To Seb, Merry Xmas! Best Wishes, Bully” with his autograph at the bottom. Receiving a card from God, doesn’t happen every Christmas!

Indeed, God tends to be quite busy just now, what with all those church services and stuff. Most disappointing gift?

My dear old Nan is known for buying some very questionable clothes that we never end up wearing. Yearly occurrence!

Bless her. Can’t beat a sensible jumper and socks though. Time for a festive sing song! Any good at carol singing?

In my teens one year, I joined some friends and my guitar playing brother to do some carol singing in an attempt to earn a few quid. We didn’t expect to rake in £80 for one night’s work though!

Ever wondered if they may have been paying you to go away? Just a thought. Anyway, Christmas dinner, who’s your ideal guest?

‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor

Handy should a dispute flare up over the last pig in a blanket. And what will you watch?

Bad Santa

Billy Bob Thornton at his most heartwarming. Now grub’s up. What’s for dinner? 

Love Turkey. Really don’t enjoy Christmas pudding

Plum duff is vastly over-rated. Mistletoe! Pucker up – who with? 


We’ll have her sent straight over. Time’s flying by, New Year resolution time. How did last year’s go?

Last year’s resolution was to lose a stone but instead I’ve gained one! Oooooppsss!

Just means there’s a bit more of you to go around. And this year’s resolution?

Lose that extra stone I’ve gained!!

Obviously being Skip Hunk of the Year means 2016 will be particularly memorable, but what’s the best and worst bits?

Best bit was getting engaged in Venice in February. Worst – falling out with my colleague John Smith again, after he found out I’d beat him to the Skip Hunk title.

He must be gutted. Lastly, give us a cracking Christmas joke.

Why does Liam Gallagher avoid going to France at Christmas? Because it’s all about Noel.

A belter. Well Seb, you’ve made all our Christmas wishes come true. Thanks for being an outstanding Skip Hunk of the Year for 2016.

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Photos by: www.paulfearsphoto.co.uk