Home Skip Chicks SKIP CHICK (OCTOBER) – Jenny Tyas, Bulk Waste Management, South Yorkshire

SKIP CHICK (OCTOBER) – Jenny Tyas, Bulk Waste Management, South Yorkshire

SKIP CHICK (OCTOBER) – Jenny Tyas, Bulk Waste Management, South Yorkshire

This month’s Skip Chick is a real action girl. Jenny Tyas is in the driving seat.

Wait! Don’t drive off in that big truck, so stop and tell us your age.

I’m 32.

And where do you work?

I’m the office manager, and a dog’s body at Bulk Waste Management Ltd in South Yorkshire www.bulkgroup.co.uk

We’re sure your talents are much appreciated. Now what is the best bit about your job?

Working with a great bunch of guys, especially Jay who keeps us smiling all day.

Sounds like one big happy family. Anything you could really live without?

My posterior.

Seems drastic. Never mind, what do you like to do when work is over?

Go kart racing with my eight year old son Brandon all over the UK and America, plus going to the gym and spending time with my horses.

A real action girl. So what did you REALLY want to do when you were younger?

To be a kept lady, money no object, and doing what I want to do when I want to.

jenny skip chic 2

Sounds like the perfect life to us. If you were an animal, what kind would you be?

A horse.

Grace and power, loyal and fast – ideal qualities for a great Skip Chick. Favourite film?


Can’t beat a bit of vampire versus werewolf action. Got a favourite holiday destination?

Floating around the Caribbean on a private yacht, for the sun, sea and pampering.

Sounds divine. And for dinner?

Steak, chips, salad .. not forgetting the Prosecco.

Of course not. And which Skip Hunk would be dining with you?

Tom Hardy

He can drive our roll on/roll off any day. Say you’re off on a date, where to?

A desert island

Lovely. Now one fascinating fact about yourself.

I may be blonde, but I always get there in the end.

We’re sure you do. Now make us laugh…

What’s the worst thing you can hear when wearing a bikini? Good for you girl!

Well we reckon you’d nail that bikini no bother. Thanks for being such a great sport.