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Want to be our Skip Chick or Skip Hunk of the year?

Fancy yourself as a dreamboat, or a cut above the rest in the looks department? Or are you a sassy sister who loves preening, posing, or catching a look or twenty at yourself in the nearest mirror?

Do you want to be our Skip Chick, or Skip Hunk of the year? Like to see your name in big flashing lights, or more realistically – plastered all over the pages of your number one magazine?

Here’s your big chance to show off in style, by taking a leading role in our pages and taking your first steps to global stardom (well maybe!)

Pander to your hidden self, and show off your best side by applying to be our monthly Hunk or Chick.

All you have to do is to send us your pic and some contact details, including your telephone number, and let us do the rest.

The annual winners will collect a major prize, worthy of our glittering titles and enough to buy a cup of tea or two, or perhaps a bag of chips. Only joking!

Seriously, they will be queuing in the streets outside our offices to enter, so get your entry in fast.

Or if you have a colleague who fits the bill, and is an A plus in the personality stakes, how about nominating them?

Don’t delay, because this might be your opportunity to hit the big time and prove to your work colleagues that you are a certified pretty face.

Please send your applications to: editor@skiphiremagazine.co.uk