Home Company News Chris Giscombe appointed MD of newly re-branded Filter Clean UK

Chris Giscombe appointed MD of newly re-branded Filter Clean UK

Chris Giscombe appointed MD of newly re-branded Filter Clean UK

CHRIS Giscombe, founding partner and current Co-Chairman of UKWSL, has just been appointed Managing Director of Filter Clean UK – a role he’ll undertake in conjunction with his UKWSL responsibilities. 

Filter Clean UK is the first commercial filter resource company in the UK and delivers an innovative cleaning solution for filters. Operating from its headquarters in Derbyshire, the company diverted over 20,000 air filters from landfill over the course of last year.

Originally known as Ashbourne Recycled Air Filters Ltd and established in the mid 1990’s, Filter Clean UK was a small, family-run business with a core value of reducing waste. Fast forward to 2021, and Filter Clean UK has made its mark across a wide range of sectors in the UK with a remarkably simple business philosophy – to help save costs, reduce waste to landfill and most importantly, help clients reach net zero goals.

Today, as the only filter refurbishment company in the UK, Filter Clean operates a filter recycling programme across a multitude of different industries – from logistics and mobile plant hire to public transport, manufacturing, quarrying and agriculture. Currently, its air and DPF filter recycling programme is being used by over 100 companies such as Tarmac CRH Group, Finning (UK) Ltd, Breedon Group UK, Aggregate Industries UK Ltd and Saint Gobain.  The service offering includes all types of filters such as HGV & mobile plant engine filters, compressors filters, panel filters, dust collector cartridges and cabin air filters.   

Managing Director, Chris Giscombe, believes that the impact clients are having on the environment is under ever-greater scrutiny, and that new legislation is rightly encouraging clients to change the way we look at waste products. He also believes that the new name – Filter Clean UK – better reflects who they are which is an environmentally friendly, forward-thinking, filter resource organisation.

“We’re passionately committed to making filters more sustainable and are excited to promote our unique, closed loop model to the wider UK marketplace. With over eight million filters currently going to landfill, we are keen to ramp up our ever-expanding filter programme which can help customers deliver an instant impact on their environmental targets.”