Home Company News Metal specialist boosts recycling capabilities with UNTHA shredder

Metal specialist boosts recycling capabilities with UNTHA shredder

Metal specialist boosts recycling capabilities with UNTHA shredder

METAL recycling specialist Light Bros. has boosted its ability to handle refrigerators – one of the UK’s most complex household WEEE applications – with the help of a new UNTHA shredder.

The Sussex-based firm is no stranger to the world of scrap, having recycled cars, metals, plastics, electronics and other difficult waste streams for nearly 50 years. But as the business evolves, so too must the technologies at the heart of its Lewes-headquartered operations.

Light Bros. – originally Incorporated in 1971 – has therefore invested in a new four shaft UNTHA RS100 e-scrap shredder, to process 350 refrigerators per day, collected from civic amenity sites and take-back schemes.

Once shredded, the liberated metals, plastics and foams can be segregated and sold for recycling.

“This is the second RS100 to have been added to our fleet,” explained Light Bros.’ General Manager Andy McColl. “We’re long-standing UNTHA customers, having used our existing RS100 for around 12 years.

“This incumbent shredder – which could still recycle circa 300 refrigerators per day – required refurbishment, so to avoid any operational disruption, we’ve invested in an additional machine with a much stronger pusher.

“That way, our current RS100 can be rebuilt for use elsewhere on the site, and our stock spares can now be used for either shredder.”

Light Bros. has previously used other shredding technology too.

“Our original shredder was twin shaft technology manufactured by another firm,” continued Andy. “But we soon discovered it wasn’t robust enough for this heavy duty WEEE recycling application, and unfortunately we found it unreliable.

“So, we once again chose an UNTHA RS100 because of the technology’s proven resilience, low whole life running costs and rapid delivery time. These factors really matter for a growing recycling business handling difficult-to-shred items such as e-scrap and I don’t think anything would surpass UNTHA machinery in this respect.”

It is estimated that 3.5million fridges are thrown away in the UK, every year.