Home Skip Hunks April Skip Hunk: Wine connoisseur Joe is the fastest thing on two wheels

April Skip Hunk: Wine connoisseur Joe is the fastest thing on two wheels

April Skip Hunk: Wine connoisseur Joe is the fastest thing on two wheels

RING your bell and give a cheery wave to this month’s Skip Hunk, charity cyclist Joe Hemsley-Rudd of Ellgia Limited.

Hi Joe, thanks for being our Skip Hunk of the Month. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 38 and I work for Ellgia Limited. I’m Head of Customer Relations/Board Director.

Ooh! We’re very impressed. How long have you been there?
Eight years and eight months. I manage relationships between Ellgia and our customers, including FM, brokers and third parties.

Sounds like it’s all go. Ever had any strange requests at work?
“Can you dispose of missiles?”!!!

Seems a perfectly reasonable question if you happen to be Kim Jong-un, of course. How about outside of work – what are you doing?
Currently training to cycle 300 miles from London to Paris for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Apart from that I’m spending time with my wife and young son.

Wow. Hope your saddle has plenty of padding – you’re going to have a very sore backside! What about a little romantic night out? Who are you with?
A night out with my wife with good food and drink in our favourite restaurant in Seville.

Paris, Seville. You do get around. All you need now is a theme tune – which one?
The James Bond theme tune.

Naturally! James Bond on a bike is the green hero we all need these days. Got any top secrets to share?
I am qualified in wine and have a WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) qualification!

We are also highly qualified in wine – absolute experts at consumption. Give us three little words that sum you up.
Determined, thoughtful, loyal.

After all that cycling to Paris, you’ll be ready for a break. Where to?
I would go to Australia to see my family and spend some time visiting the sites.

Let’s get you fed first. Who would be your ideal dinner guest?
The TV chef Keith Floyd because you would have one amazing night. Probably wouldn’t remember it though!

You’ll need extra wine for that one. Let’s make you king for the day – what law would you introduce?

Good manners never go amiss. Now a fine chap like you must be mingling with celebrities all the time.
Yes, a few over the years, including HRH Prince of Wales at Ascot and Raymond Blanc at Chelsea.

You need plenty of dosh to mix with the A listers – let’s give you a Lottery win to help. What would you spend it on?
I’d pay the mortgage off then I would donate a large proportion of it to Great Ormond Street Hospital so they could make a huge difference to people’s lives.

We are liking your style. Finally, make us smile with your best joke.
My wife first agreed to a date after I bought her a gin and tonic; I ‘Schwepped’ her off her feet.

Nice one, Joe. Now hop back on yer bike and get cycling – and good luck from everyone at Skip Hire & Waste Magazine.