Home Waste News Eyre & Elliston is up in lights at launch of ‘Make Zero the Hero Club’

Eyre & Elliston is up in lights at launch of ‘Make Zero the Hero Club’

Eyre & Elliston is up in lights at launch of ‘Make Zero the Hero Club’

LEADING UK waste and recycling broker UKWSL has launched its ‘Make Zero the Hero Club’ with a presentation to Eyre & Elliston Ltd – one of the UK’s largest and most well-established independent electrical wholesalers.

The ‘Make Zero the Hero Club’ has been set up by UKWSL to recognise customers who have achieved zero waste to landfill status and are realising the associated commercial and environmental benefits.

Working with UKWSL to install a mixed recycling and general waste service across 66 sites from Dorset to Northumberland, Eyre & Elliston has managed to achieve and maintain zero waste to landfill throughout its entire estate.

The company currently recycles over 50% of the waste that it produces. This means that these valuable secondary resources can be given a new life and helps reduce pressure on the earth’s limited natural resources.

Any waste that cannot be recycled is used as fuel in the production of sustainable energy, helping to lessen our reliance on traditional fossil fuels.

Commenting on the launch of the ‘Make Zero the Hero Club’, UKWSL’s managing director, Max Kanda, said: “The continued reduction of landfill disposal is important in our efforts to minimise our environmental impact and also in the development of the circular economy. Sending these resources to landfill is both wasteful and expensive and we are proud to recognise the efforts made by Eyre & Ellison to ensure this doesn’t happen.

“A large proportion of our customer base has achieved zero waste to landfill and we look forward to presenting them with their awards and celebrating their success over the coming weeks and months.”

David Monteith, commercial systems manager at Eyre & Elliston said: “It’s great to be recognised as one of the founder members of UKWSL’s ‘Make Zero the Hero’ club. UKWSL’s proactive approach and commitment to customer service has helped us implement a coordinated approach across our estate and, as a result, we have been able to both save money and improve our environmental performance. 

“We look forward to continuing our relationship and finding new and innovative ways to operate more sustainably and improve our environmental practice as a fundamental part of our business strategy.”

Eyre & Elliston and UKWSL are committed to further increasing the company’s recycling rate and leveraging the potential of local suppliers and technology innovators to move more material up the Waste Hierarchy.