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Ashford Borough Council win in fly tipping case on local farmland


ASHFORD Borough Council has successfully prosecuted a woman involved in an incident where domestic rubbish was found dumped in a country lane. Kayleigh Louise Wigman has been fined £1,000 and ordered to pay costs of £1,251.50 by magistrates. The case highlights Ashford’s zero tolerance on environmental issues after the incident occurred on local farmland.

Responding to reports in January 2019 about three separate fly-tips of rubbish in Criol Lane, north of Shadoxhurst, near Ashford, council staff visited the site and sifted through the domestic waste dumped near farmland. They found items identifying a Kayleigh Louise Wigman.

Officers then issued two Section 108 Notices to Kayleigh Louise Wigman requesting information as to how these items came to be dumped in Criol Lane. Wigman did not respond or assist Ashford Borough Council with their inquiries which is a further criminal offence.

At Canterbury Magistrates Court on 23 July, lawyers representing the council brought two charges against Kayleigh Louise Wigman.

Wigman did not attend court, so an application to prove in absence was made by the council. The case was proved, and the defendant found guilty on both charges.

She was fined £500 for each offence, making a total of £1,000. An application for costs was made and approved by the court. The total was £1,251.50, included investigation costs, clear up costs of rubbish and legal costs for bringing case. A victim surcharge was applied by the court.

Cllr Andrew Buchanan, portfolio holder for Environment and Land Management, praised council staff working across three departments for their diligence and professionalism in investigating the case and bringing the successful prosecution.

“We have a zero-tolerance attitude towards fly-tipping. It is a scourge of the countryside and we are determined to do all we can to stamp it out. This case demonstrates that, where we have sufficient evidence, the council will have no hesitation in pursuing people through the courts.” 

If anyone has information about fly-tipping, please contact www.ashford.gov.uk/report