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Intuitive tech boosts Tidy Planet’s fleet of organic-waste composters

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TIDY Planet’s latest engineering development – the B1400 – sees the organic waste management firm expand its range of internationally-acclaimed Rocket Composters, and the new machine has already taken France by storm.

Well known for its organic waste management and energy-from-waste (EfW) technologies, the Macclesfield-based firm has recently added to its composting fleet, with a machine that can process up to two tonnes of biowastes per day – including green, food, animal and chipped wood – into a nutrient-rich compost resource.

The B1400 is a machine designed for treating large-scale organic waste production, such as that associated with commercial landscaping organisations, facilities management firms, and larger university campuses.

Tidy Planet’s Sales Manager, Huw Crampton said: “The new twin-shaft composter plugs the gap in our current equipment range.

“This model has also been specially-designed with transportation in mind. Making the machine ‘portable’ was most important for us, as we have clients and distributors globally – many in remote locations.

“This makes the act of supplying the Composter more cost-effective, as there are no movement order fees involved and the client has more stationing flexibility.”

Larger than the company’s renowned A1200 unit – which can process up to 500kg of organic waste per day, but smaller than the B2500’s 5000kg capacity.

The B1400 is now the firm’s second largest in-vessel composter (IVC). And unlike other machines within the range, it offers a new technological feature – a fully-integrated GSM and internet-linked control package.

This newly-developed digital function allows for complete remote access regardless of location, allowing manufacturers and operators to log processing performance – including PH, moisture levels and operating temperatures – as well as monitor and adjust the running parameters from anywhere in the world.

The machine has also been built so that its dimensions adhere to the Government’s width restrictions for UK and European haulage.

The firm’s director, James Tyler added: “The B1400 in-keeps with our ethos at Tidy Planet – to provide energy-efficient organic waste solutions that require minimal maintenance from the operator.

“The twin-shaft design allows for enhanced feedstock mixing action and less cold spots, meaning high-quality compost is produced in 10 days – unlike the 14-21 days typically associated with our smaller models.

“Usually, businesses would need an IVC twice the size to treat the same tonnage of waste, but with the B1400, compactness, capacity and carbon footprint are evenly balanced.”

The kit was originally custom-built for one of the company’s overseas distributors – a Parisian social enterprise – as a machine that would allow the French firm to maximise the volume of commercial food waste they could collect and compost on a daily basis, without overstepping the French government’s waste processing threshold.

Jim concluded: “Thanks to the remote access feature, we can easily check on clients’ systems and advise – or indeed change – the settings to help optimise process performance. And this makes the B1400 one of our most advanced machines to-date.”