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More investment at Cawleys after RVS contract

Cawleys RediTruck Jan 19

WASTE management firm Cawleys is investing in the latest vehicles and new technology to provide a more reliable service for its customer base.

The new vehicle, which is on five-year contract hire from Refuse Vehicle Solutions Ltd (RVS), is a 26T 6×2 DAF, Dennis Olympus 23 complete with BETA Trade Bin lift.

It is fully equipped with MOBA bin-weighing, cyclist safety system, four-way camera system and KELSA light bars.

Phil Gudgeon, Managing Director, Cawleys said: “Investing in new trucks to replace our existing fleet is key so that we’re able to offer a more reliable service.

“The vehicles have the latest safety and on board weighing technology to enable us to provide a service that our customers have become accustomed to.

“The relationship between Cawleys and RVS has flourished over the past two years and we’re working together on pro-active maintenance on the vehicles to improve reliability and reduce downtime.”

Cawleys is a driving force in waste reduction, re-use and recycling across the business sector, and has launched its own campaign #smallactionbigimpact to harness the power of collective action and bring sustainable living into the mainstream.

The initiative is supported by WRAP and individuals are encouraged to make a pledge such as using reusable coffee cups or recycling more.

There are monthly prizes as well as a reward at the end of the 12-month campaign for those who have made the biggest impact.

RVS provides a complete solution for refuse vehicle operators, supplying a wide range of refuse vehicles – new, quality used and re-manufactured – as well as a host of support services comprising service, breakdown cover, contract hire, short term hire, new and used spare parts, finance and low loader services.