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GJF Fabrications Launches QualitainerTM Hooklift Container to Reduce Contamination of Recyclate

GJF Fabrications Launches QualitainerTM Hooklift Container to Reduce Contamination of Recyclate

GJF Fabrications (GJF) launched the QualitainerTM Hooklift in response to the contamination of recyclate at Household Waste Recycling Centres at the LARAC Conference in Nottingham in October.

The innovation supports Government strategy and policy objectives to improve the quality of recyclate from municipal collections.
The QualitainerTM Hooklift has wide aperture mesh sides to allow the contents of the Hooklift container to be seen along its’ full length and height from both sides. This means contamination dumped with recyclate can be identified and removed, before spoiling an entire load.
The mesh sides are fully sealed by protected, transparent, highly scratch resistant Makrolon® panels that prevent odours and fluids leaking through the sides. They also prevent the risk of arson when the contents are dry combustible recyclate.
The QualitainerTM Hooklift is available in capacities ranging from 30 cubic yards to 50 cubic yards. Developed by GJF’s engineers, using the advanced modelling capabilities of SolidWorks, the design achieves the full strength and safety required of a Hooklift container used for the collection and transport of dry recyclables.
The contents, such as cardboard, can still be tamped down by a shovel on top of the container without causing distortion of the sides.
A full range of accessories is available including sign boards, a sliding lid, and a rolling roof. The sliding lid and the rolling roof provide weather protection for contents such as cardboard, plasterboard and carpets.
Commenting on the launch, GJF’s Managing Director, Dr David Gillett, said: “The QualitainerTM Hooklift has been developed after listening to municipal recycling site managers and site staff across the UK.
“They widely report persistent problems of contamination dumped in Hooklift containers for recyclable materials, even on sites where budgets still allow them to be well populated with staff. The most common occurrences are bags of mixed waste dropped in amongst cardboard or plastics, and rubble dropped in amongst plasterboard.
 “With the QualitainerTM Hooklift, the obvious risk of getting caught in the act should nudge many HWRC/CA Site visitors not to attempt to dump contamination in the first place.
“If they do, it is easy for site staff to identify the contamination and remove it. This will avoid spoiling loads in the region of ten tons of recyclate, typically worth a few thousand pounds as recyclate.”


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