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Mick George Ltd leading the way in ‘Sustainable Land Reuse’


Specialists in the field of Waste Management, Mick George Ltd have further strengthened its commitment to ‘Sustainable Lan
d Reuse’ having announced its membership of Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments.

CL:AIRE is a respected independent organisation established to stimulate the regeneration of contaminated land in the UK by raising awareness of, and confidence in, practical and sustainable remediation technologies.

However, CL:AIRE does more than simply demonstrating remediation technologies. Recognising that the industry is continuously maturing, services have diversified from initial land contamination and site characterisation techniques, to a more all encompassing examination of ‘Sustainable Land Reuse’ helping to develop more efficient regulations and code of practices within the industry.

CL:AIRE partner an exclusive, high profile and influential client list within the field of sustainable land management, which will inevitably reinforce Mick George Ltd’s position to provide a high quality service. CL:AIRE act as a credible resource hub, disseminating information and experience to improve efficiencies, raise standards and effectively develop solutions that are constantly critiqued by its members.

Mick George Ltd operates Waste Transfer stations throughout East Anglia and East Midlands, providing numerous waste related services. The company in its quest to achieve its vision of operating a zero to landfill status, has recently opened a new recycling plant that incorporates state-of-the-art, industry leading innovative technologies to handle waste in a more advanced way than ever before.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’All over the business we are seeking to improve, that means utilising internal and external resources at our disposal. Affiliating ourselves with organisations such as CL:AIRE is a deliberate strategy and one we utilise regularly with other services. They possess a wealth of knowledge that will prove beneficial in enhancing our provision to the market. This in tandem with investment such as the recycling plant will assist moving us forward
as a business.’’

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