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Big Skip Dik

8OxAcxdh It’s not often we get the opportunity to present to our readers a Skip Hunk from across the  waters. This month, we have the pleasure of bringing you a dishy Dutchman, who we met on our  travels to Holland. His nickname is Big Dik and it’s apparent from the size of him, that he really  does live up to his name. Although he looks every inch the Costa-Del-Sol gangster, our Big Dik  couldn’t be a nicer man. Take it away…

 So, what is your name?

Dik Willekes, nickname – Big Skip Dik

Haha yes, we know you’re Big Skip Dik and how old are you?

I’m 57 years young

You look more like 37! Where do you work?

VDL Container Systems in Holland

And, what is your job title?

I’m the Sales Director

How long have you worked there?

16 Years and 38 years in de business

Wow, that’s a long time. You must be very BIG in the company. What’s the best part of your job?

Working with clients and colleagues

Sounds like a great role you have there. Who is your favourite work colleague?

My inside salesman Maarten Mooren

Ah, did he ask you to say that? What kind of thing do you like doing outside of work?  

Working on old cars, Ford mustangs for example

Sounds great. Escort us there! What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A garage owner

Now why doesn’t that surprise us? You’re car mad! If you were an animal, what would you be? And why?

A horse at the house of the Willekes family because of the good treatment they get

That’s very noble and stable of you! If you were the prime minister, what would you change?

Lowering the VAT

What a good suggestion. Ever considered being BIG in politics? What would you take with you to a desert island?

A package of cigarettes

Just one? You could be there for a while… What’s your favourite film?  

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Great film. Favourite food?

Gyros, Greek meat

Hummus be joking! We like a bit of Greek food too! Who would your dream Skip Chick be?  

Heidi Klum

She would make a beautiful Skip Chick. Where would you take her out on a date?

To a deserted island

Hmmm, hope the Seals don’t mind! Who would play you in a film based on your life?

That’s called life isn’t it?

It is, it is. If you could have one superpower – what would it be?

Relieve the world of misery

How very nice you are. We would love to do the same. Tell us Big Skip Dik, why are Dutch men so hunky?

This must have to something with the food

Pancakes make you provokingly perfect Big Skip Dik. Tell us something about you that nobody knows…  

I’m not going to tell cause then everybody knows

That’s a good point. Tell us your favourite joke:

Do you remember the joke about the two blondes I told you last week?

We are not printing that one Dik! But our readers can look on the next page for two lovely blondes if they want some Skip-chickiness!

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