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Tong Peal Chip In For Biomass Solution

Tong Peal Engineering, one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of handling and sorting equipment for the recycling industry, has recently completed a custom built installation of a woodchip biomass intake system.

Arden Lea Nurseries, growers of high quality bedding plants for UK retailers, invested in a wood chip powered biomass boiler as part of a project run by Imperative Energy. Tong Peal supplied a bespoke bulk handling solution at the company’s two sites.

The biomass boiler is providing a sustainable energy source for Arden Lea’s two nursery sites and will provide additional revenue through the Renewable Heat Incentive. It could generate up to £130,000 from both installations and save 1,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Tong Peal designed and installed a heavy-duty hopper and conveying system to provide smooth and efficient handling of the woodchip – from the point of delivery from lorries to the store area.

The high capacity Tong Peal hopper has been designed to receive woodchip as it is unloaded from lorries and trailers on site. A heavy duty flighted elevator then feeds the woodchip from the hopper to roof-supported transporting conveyors which traverse backwards and forwards to ensure effective and even filling of the woodchip store.

Duncan Taylor from Arden Lea Nurseries said, ‘The new biomass system has been a significant investment for the company. To ensure we get the maximum return on this investment it is essential that every part of the process runs efficiently and the transport and processing of the wood chip is a vital part. Tong Peal took a very thorough approach to the project, spending time with us to ensure the design was right. We’re delighted with the end result and with the excellent service we received from Tong Peal from start to finish.”

Edward Tong, Operations Director at Tong Peal commented, “We have done a number of projects for handling woodchip, which allowed us to provide Arden Lea Nurseries with proven, reliable handling equipment for the effective transfer of their woodchip from lorries to store. We worked closely with Mr Lea to ensure that the equipment did the exact job that he required and we are very pleased that the new system has brought Arden Lea Nurseries significant time and labour savings in the processing of their woodchip.

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