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Petlon Polymers chooses UK manufacturer to ensure high grade polymer production.

Ez-Tec 9100 inspects plastic granules before the extrusion process, removing any  metal contamination

Ez-Tec 9100 inspects plastic granules before the extrusion process, removing any
metal contamination

Petlon Polymers Ltd are investing in its polymer compound production lines by upgrading their metal detection and separation equipment with the EZ-Tec 9100, developed and manufactured by UK-based manufacturer Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd. The EZ-Tec 9100 all metal separators from Eriez are being installed at critical stages of the process to ensure metal free end product quality at an affordable price.

A leading manufacturer of engineering polymer products, Petlon offers a range of prime, recovered (R-Prime) and recycled materials as well as material recovery solution for waste products from manufacturing operations in the range of engineering polymers as well as in PET. The plastic waste material is collected, shredded, granulated and then used as a base feedstock in the manufacture of high end quality engineering compounds.

Explaining the reason for their choice, Gavin Rees, Managing Director and James Moverley, Maintenance Electrician at Petlon Polymers commented: “We’re delighted to be working with a UK manufacturer. It provides us with a responsive support at a lower cost and allows us to develop a solution that matches our requirement exactly. Due to the potential of metal components in the raw material, protection of equipment is vital and the EZ-Tec 9100 enables this at a competitive price. Working together with Eriez has enabled us to develop an upgraded metal separator with a specially-designed reject flap which has a longer life and significantly reduces overall repair costs, and down time.”

The EZ-Tec 9100 is a high sensitivity all metal balanced coil technology metal separator, equipped with a quick acting pneumatic reject mechanism. The model installed on Petlon’s production lines detects and removes any ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel particles greater than 0.5mm sphere. Petlon are upgrading the equipment at different stage in the production flow, where it is used for improved pre-screening as well as ensuring the high quality of the final products. Easily retro-fitted, this compact metal separator is designed for installation in free fall or gravity-fed applications and can be used as a stand-alone unit or installed in line with the process flow.

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